What is QTP Java Add-in Extensibility

by Community Manager on ‎01-08-2013 01:08 PM

Sometimes we receive issues that QTP recognized some customized/unspported Java controls as JavaObject. JavaObject is the generic object and only provide the generic method when record/replay. There are mutiple solutions for this issue. One of the option is trying QTP Java Add-in Extensibility.


QTP Java Add-in Extensibility is an SDK (Software Development Kit) package that enables you to support testing applications that use third-party and custom Java controls that are not supported out-of-the-box by the QTP Java Add-in.


QTP Java Extensibility enables you to extend QTP Java Add-in to support customized Java controls. For example, consider a customized control that is a special type of button that QuickTest recognizes as a plain JavaObject. JavaObject test objects do not support simple Click operations. The JavaObject.Click method requires the coordinates of the click as arguments. To create a test step that clicks this custom control, you would have to calculate the button’s location and provide the coordinates for the click.


By creating support for a Java control using Java Add-in Extensibility, you can direct QuickTest to recognize the control as belonging to a specific test object class, and you can specify the behavior of the test object. You can also extend the list of available test object classes that QuickTest is able to recognize. This enables you to create tests that fully support the specific behavior of your custom Java controls.