How long should RAID-1 rebuild?

by Community Manager on ‎10-19-2011 08:09 AM


I've got Proliant DL 160 G6 with RAID-1 on double of HP SAS 300 GB 15k HDDs. This server doesn't have any jobs right now. So, HDDs are not loaded.


I wanted to test RAID. So, I disconnected one of HDDs and then connected back. Rebuild lasts for about 11 hours already. Is that OK?


Time required for a rebuild


The time required for a rebuild varies, depending on several factors:

• The priority that the rebuild is given over normal I/O operations.Change the priority setting with ACU.

• The amount of I/O activity during the rebuild operation

• The rotational speed of the hard drives

• The brand, model, and age of the drives

• The amount of unused capacity on the drives


Allow approximately 15 minutes per gigabyte for the rebuild process to complete.

System performance is affected during the rebuild, and the system is unprotected against further drive failure until the rebuild has finished.