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Help for policy



I would like to create a specific policy to check a pattern.



for example I would like to verify this in a scope of equipments :


snmp-server host RW_COMMUNITY

snmp-server host RW_COMMUNITY


I want just this 2 lines (I don't want a third line snmp-server host).


so I create a policy rules with a text block :


block start pattern :

  • snmp-server enable traps ipsla


block end pattern :

  • snmp mib persist cbqos


a condition config block must contain only :


  • snmp-server host RW_COMMUNITY
  • snmp-server host RW_COMMUNITY


whatever the order


but  in the "but must not have any additional lines containing" I don't know what I can put in it ...


I have tried "snmp-server .*" but it doesn't works



have you some clues ?





Best regards


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