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Dan Mortby
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HP Touchsmart Keyboard and Mouse

Hi all,

I was in PC World today looking at the new Touchsmart PC's, I really like the keyboard and mouse and would like to know if you can buy these separately? I Asked the guy in PC world and he wasnt sure. i cant find anything across the web either. Your help would be much appreciated! I do know the product number is RK713A. Thanks so much
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Re: HP Touchsmart Keyboard and Mouse

I just purchased one of these last week, and it's incredible. It's called the HP Elite keyboard, and considering I own the HP Elite desktop, I'm surprised this didn't come with it.

I snagged the keyboard (without mouse) two weeks ago, when there were only three left on Amazon. These seem to be a rare find.

There are two versions:

The keyboard by itself:

And the keyboard with a mouse (combo):

This keyboard is extremely sleek and very sexy. It's an ultra slim, flat keyboard with a very low profile and super thin keys, so it types like a notebook or laptop keyboard.

I type better on a laptop keyboard because I don't have to press so hard on the keys. Plus, with the scissor switch design of the flat keys on this keyboard (like most other laptop keyboards) the keys don't have to be pressed down very far. The scissor switch design also eliminates issues with keys sticking, which I have found to be a common issue with larger external keyboards which have big keys. I'd also venture to say that this is an ergonomic keyboard, because when used with a keyboard wrist rest, my fingers rest comfortably above the flat keys, keeping my hands and wrists pointed straight forward rather than slightly upward.

The only decent pictures that I had been able to find for this keyboard indicated that it had Japanese characters, which made me think that was mostly marketed in Japan, and that Iâ d be getting one with Japanese characters opposite the English character on the respective lower right and upper left corners of each key, along with the extra modifier key. However, when I received the unit it was definitely not Japanese. Even better!

Of all the slimline keyboards out there for the PC, this HP Elite keyboard seemed to have had the most potential in rivaling Apple's competing flat keyboard which I also had the chance to try (on a Mac).

Except for color, the HP Elite is easily better with the option to have both wireless connection AND a number pad, as Apples wireless version has no number pad. Iâ d rather not choose my poison! Plus, the HP Elite is certainly not lacking in the features that are commonly missing on other low-profile PC keyboards, including a low price and the existence of a Number pad, both of which many ultrathin PC keyboards lack.
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Deanna Goldberg
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Re: HP Touchsmart Keyboard and Mouse

The one that is mentioned below is the exact kind of keyboard that comes with the TouchSmart, but I will tell you I have had this computer since Feb. and the keys are sticking.
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