Floppy drive problem / "Previous device boot failure" (132 Views)
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Floppy drive problem / "Previous device boot failure"

I'm configuring a Compaq d220 microtower with windows 2000 server (it's a small lan). Everything's fine until I try booting from the floppy drive: I get the message "previous device boot failure" and the machine loads Windows. Then it's impossible to read any floppy from that drive. I changed it and the new one worked fine, but after a couple of reboot the same problem occurs again and I can't read *any* floppy, nor boot from the drive.
Booting from the CD drive even with a totally different OS doesn't allow me to use the floppy drive.
Funny thing: the first floppy drive works fine in another computer.
I'm stuck. HELP !
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Re: Floppy drive problem / "Previous device boot failure"

since you've replaced the FDD and the problem remained with the system, it's got to be one of: bios, fdd controller chip, cable.

have you flashed with the most recent bios from HP? even if you've got a fairly recent bios, overwrite it with the most recent one. bad flashes, dropping bits etc... can lead to strange problems like this.

most mainboards these days don't have DIPPs to get loose, but it never hurts to check and make sure all the chips and boards are properly seated, i know this sounds like kids stuff, but check anyways. i had a horrible time troubleshooting bad boots on one server, only to find that the cable was loose, and wiggling out.

check the cable, make sure it's not frayed, loose, melted, etc...

keep us posted
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Re: Floppy drive problem / "Previous device boot failure"

I assume you have reset the BIOS to default and verified that there are not any dip switches or jumpers which disable the floppy on your motherboard.

You might have picked up a boot sector virus such as form:


Wouldn't hurt to try their tool and see if it finds anything.

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Re: Floppy drive problem / "Previous device boot failure"

Thansk a lot for your replies.
I've check the cables. I've changed the floppy drive's cable. I've loaded the bios default settings. I've checked for any bios or MBR virus
No evolution.
I've seen 2 jumpers on the motherboard but I can't get any info on what they're for (no docs came with the PC, impossible to get any info on that motherboard on the web or on HP's site).
The only thing I haven't done yet is to flash the bios with an upgrade, but I'm not too sure of the version to get, so I will not do that.
In the end, I think I've spent too much time on this, especially knowing that this machine hasn't been paid yet ! So I'm going to send it back to the shop and get another one !!
It was a nice little problem at the beginning, but now it's eating way too much time.
Again thanks for your time, both of you.
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Re: Floppy drive problem / "Previous device boot failure"

This is just to close the subject. I sent the PC to a friend and eventually he found what was wrong: the cable that linked the CD writer to the MB was faulty apparently. Changing it solved the problem.
Strange thing was that the floppy drive was working fine *outside* the case but still connected to the PC... Puting it back in the PC made it to stop working (??!!)
Anyway, now it works :-)
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