Re: new thread posted has disappeared? Anyway to find it, or what happened to it? (469 Views)
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new thread posted has disappeared? Anyway to find it, or what happened to it?

I posted a new thread last week about problems with my new HP Compaq Presario F756CA, and cannot find it: I made a point of entering F700 and F756CA in the Subject area so I could search for it, but get no results with this. I have a couple of Forum? questions:
1. Is the post there but I don't know how to find it: frankly, I'm confused by the Business Support Center (forum) vs. the IT Resource Center (forum) where I sometimes end up.
2. Is there any connection between my Profile and my posts (i.e., a list of latter in former)?. If not automatically, is there a way to set one up?
3. Are posts sometimes lost (it was definitely posted, not just previewed) due to technical glitches?
4. Finally, could my post have been deleted by HP for content (I did make a reference to HP support being too prone to restore or something like that). If so, is there any notification (email, profile page) when this occurs?
I've read the forum overview and faqs and any insight from your own experience or knowledge with using the forum(s) would be appreciated.
Thank you.
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Re: new thread posted has disappeared? Anyway to find it, or what happened to it?

I'm replying to my own thread (I'm new at this but I'm pretty sure there is no way to edit the message once posted), because after some difficulty (searching on words known to be in subject/body of post appears to be uncertain if not useless) I managed trolling manually through all the forum categories to find one of my posts; I thought if I clicked on my name it might list all my posts but it did take me back to my profile and I did this time see the link "my questions" and this did take me to all my (at least "new thread") posts, including the one I thought lost/expurged forever.
I would say the big problem is not being able to confidently search on key terms (for me F700 or F756CA: my laptop model), but the second is the incredibly confusing layout of the forums. I could accept the latter if the former were more 'productive'. I know I have things to learn, but I have little confidence in a system evidencing such systematic confusion as the forum(s) setup.
I have no confidence in it. I would be happy to read anything about the F700 series IF I COULD ONLY FIND THEM (sometimes shouting is necessary)!
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Re: new thread posted has disappeared? Anyway to find it, or what happened to it?

Hi John,

I could see that your previous question has been successfully posted in the "notebook PCs - pavilions, presario" category. Here is the thread link:

(1) You can find your postings and any responses made, through your Forum profile on clicking 'Edit your profile > View or modify my forums profile > My profile' link on the left index or by simply clicking on your name in your posts which has a hyperlink. It will lead you to your profile; however here is the direct link to your profile:
Hope this clears. Please let me know if you have any problem in accessing your threads.

(2) The general purpose of these two HP Forums is to serve different customers. ITRC Forums are visited mostly by support contract customers while BSC Forums by small business customers and end users.

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