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xw9300 power supplies

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Has anyone else had problems with the power supply of xw9300 workstations failing after a normal shutdown?

I have the workstation on a surge protector/UPS. Two weeks ago we lost power and the UPS shutdown the workstation. It would not power up. I unplugged the power supply from all drives, etc. It was dead. I got a new power supply from HP and installed it less than a week ago.

Last night we lost power again. Again the UPS reported a normal shutdown. Again the blasted power supply is dead.



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Re: xw9300 power supplies

What is the UPS manufacturer and Model number.

It sounds like the UPS does not have good surge suppression, or can be defective. I have seen strange things with brown outs with the smallest of delays.

I usualy have a Triplite surge protector attached to the the switched output of the surge protector. Monitor and Computer are both connected and nothing else.

Laser printers are a no no to share surge protectors and UPS connections now these days... They consume a lot of power during wake up. Due to quick printing function... Needs to heat up and run right now!

Rule of thumb if your surge protector is worth over $25.00 and your UPS is about $130.00 or more and is less than 3 years old (I replace a triping UPS every 3 years, a California thing!)... your doing fine!!!
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Re: xw9300 power supplies

The UPS also has surge capability. It is an APC RS1500 with the extended battery pack. Less than 1 year old.

If the surge protection is faulty, I would not expect to have the UPS report a normal shutdown.

No printers attached. Just one LCD display, one KVM switch and two computers.
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Re: xw9300 power supplies

I would have to look up the APC UPS...

Gut feeling... it may be a fault with the computer in general... a short, bad or going hard drive, add on card could have this effect. Since you did say you have two computers on the same UPS.

One thing you can try... unplug the power supply power cable and the connections inside the computer. Wait about 5 or 10 minutes. Power supplies have a lot of capacitors that hold voltages very well. Plug the mother board connetion in and plugin the power cord. See if you can power on the computer.

If not... something inside the computer case may be shorting out or failing, causing the power supply to stress out and causing a component to over heat and fail from it.

When the power is turned off, the component inside the power supply cools and losses connection internaly or at where it is soldered (very hot to do this... happens all the time in CRTs).

Some components and connections fail when warm or hot and can be revived by cold.

others types of connection issues can be recovered by heat, thus everything seems fine when warmed up.

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Re: xw9300 power supplies

No clue on your power supply issue.....

But I have the same APC UPS you do.You sure it's not overloaded?I know the specs say 1800 plus watts with the extended battery pack but here's a quick test:

Flip on the UPS with all computers and accesories switched off then quickly power them all "ON" while the UPS is still blinking and turning on.If it starts beeping and flashing you've overloaded it.If you wait too long and the UPS glows green you're too late and it can handle the load......

For my workstation,external SCSI array,two 19" CRT's and a power strip with xtra external drives plugged in I had to get a second APC Back UPS XS 1500 plus xtra battery pack and distribute the load.Workstation and array only on one and everything else on the second UPS.Now I leave all turned on and when I power up the UPS ,no red light or beeping due to overload.

If I wait until the UPS is up and running with a green light I can plug the whole shebang into one and no overload.But the UPS is designed to handle the load when there's no power so it can fool you with a powered up running unit that wont seem overloaded.

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Re: xw9300 power supplies

I am now on my 4th power supply. I have conditions of low voltage in my area and found out the hard way that these power supplies are very sensitive. After the second one, was replaced, I installed a Tripp-Lite Line Stabilizer in addition to an APC XS series UPS. I tried to power up today and found I had lost another PSU. I realize that my local power is spotty (sort of like a third world country - just here, in the USA) but I have run workstations and lots of sensitive equipment here and have never lost anything - especially equipment which is TURNED OFF! Seems to me there should be better protection than that. If anyone knows of a third party replacement for that PSU, I would love to know.
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