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xw8200 wont boot

It displays four blinking red lights. I replaced the Power Supply, that wasnt it. Reseated the CPU, still nothing.


Have any ideas?

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Re: xw8200 wont boot

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The 4 LED blinks is a power supply error.  I know you changed the power supply, but the suggested troubleshooting is:


A)  Check that the voltage selector, located on the rear of the power supply, is set to the appropriate voltage. Proper voltage setting depends on your region.  (Some supplies do not have voltage switches)

B)  Open the hood and ensure the power supply cables are seated into the connectors on the system board.

C)  Check if a device is causing the problem by removing ALL attached devices (such as hard, diskette,  or optical drives,  and expansion cards.)  Power on the system. If the system enters  the POST, then power off and replace one device at a time and repeat this procedure, until failure occurs.  Replace the device that is causing the failure. Continue adding devices one at a time to ensure all devices are functioning properly.
D) Replace the power supply.
E)  Replace the system board.


Did the system just stop working?  Did you make any changes before it stopped powering up? 

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Re: xw8200 wont boot

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Attached is the Service Manual for your xw8200.  Take a look at page 112.... there is your error code, and the recommended steps as also provided by Dan_in_WGBU.


I can add from my experience recently.  Got the same error code in an xw6400, and added research indicated a "crowbar" power supply self-protection circuit had been activated.  The crowbar concept is that the protection is like throwing one of those across a circuit, and protecting everything else downstream as a result.  It is very fast and very encompassing.  You can do a Wiki search on crowbar circuit and get some added details.  Little or big faults can activate it, but it generally does not go away by itself.


Long story short...... I got down to basics, with known good cables and other known good parts such as other memory sticks,  and stripped  the install down to as few components as I could, and still got the crowbar treatment from my workstation.  Got a new/used motherboard off eBay, and that fixed everything instantly.  The problem was from a previously good motherboard that went bad (components do age and fail, and this is a rare event).  However, I now have an excellent very nicely running xw6400 out of the deal, at low cost (50.00 total).


All the other parts were fine.  The swap out of a motherboard actually is quite easy in these workstatons, and that took about 30 minutes.  Get some thermal compound ahead of time, and the proper driver to mechanically reach down to the heatsink screws.  I like the Noctua compound.  Hand tighten snug.


I wasted much time on a problem that took a quick cheap motherboard replacement to get a good workstation back up and running.


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