xw4600 ram upgrade (16GB) issues (9317 Views)
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xw4600 ram upgrade (16GB) issues

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I installed Win7 64-bit on an xw4600 (p/n FL828UT#ABA) for an engineer at work and the 4GB that came with it works fine.  I installed 16GB of ECC unbuffered ram of the same speed and got nothing but 5 beeps.  I tried each module in slot 1 (just one module) and got the same result.  Two modules in slots 1 and 3, same result.  Same speed, same error checking, same unbuffered, same voltage...


HP's quick specs say this model supports up to 16GB of DDR2-667 or DDR2-800 ECC unbuffered memory (pg 11):


Part number of the (4) 1GB modules that work in the pc (looks like Hynix is the manufacturer):



Avant is the manufacturer of the ram I tried:

Avant Part number:

I took it back to the shop I bought it from and they said that I may need to try DDR2-667 instead of 800.  It's a special order though and 16GB of this type is nearly $500.

It looks like Axiom made the part numbers listed in another link I found on this forum regarding xw4600 ram compatibility issues, but the 4GB module I would be looking for (VH933AA) is discontinued.  Any suggestions will be appreciated.


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Re: xw4600 ram upgrade (16GB) issues

Hi Eric


 have you solved your problem? I have a xw4600 and want to upgrade to 16GB....


 Thanks in advance, Jorge

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Re: xw4600 ram upgrade (16GB) issues


I checked the QuickSpecs for xw4600 and it only has support for 16GB (4x4GB) DDR2-800 ECC RAM. I didn't see the DDR2 667 support..




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Re: xw4600 ram upgrade (16GB) issues

I'd like to clarify that PC2-5300 DDR2-667 DIMMs (ECC Unbuffered) is supported in xw4600 system. However the maximum size was 2GB for this speed.

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Re: xw4600 ram upgrade (16GB) issues

Only supporting a 16gb at a higher speed seems, well, crazy? :)  Has anyone ever tried putting 16GB of non-ecc memory into these?

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Re: xw4600 ram upgrade (16GB) issues

I was able to get the computer up to 8GB, but not 16GB.  I didn't try non-ecc ram.  I'm not sure what the issue is, but by the time the user requires more ram, I will have replaced the pc.  Very frustrating since he's an engineer and a friend of mine... I really wanted to max out his ram.  He had a few studies of SolidWorks with charts that showed a significant increase in performance when upgrading from 4GB to 8GB, a smaller increase from 8 to 12 and a negligible increase from 12 to 16, so I felt a little better.  I don't like leaving something unresolved, but there are too many other fires to put out (as usual).

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Re: xw4600 ram upgrade (16GB) issues

Has anyone got any ideas on this issue please?

I am experiencing exactly the same issues.  Whether I insert 1 4GB stick or 2 or 4 4GB sticks all I get is 5 beeps from POST.  I don't get anything on display.


I am using VH933AA-HY (Hypertec equivalent), which is 4GB DDR2 ECC PC2-6400 unbuffered.

I have upgraded the BIOS to latest version already also.


Any help appreciated....



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Re: xw4600 ram upgrade (16GB) issues

I just got one of these xw4600 systems.  I trust crucial.com more than any other for my RAM needs.


The top upgrade it shows is for 4GB kit (2GBx2), 240-pin DIMM, DDR2 PC2-5300 memory module.

Two of these kits will max it out at 8GB.


Crucial memory for xw4600

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Re: xw4600 ram upgrade (16GB) issues

I tried installing 2gb ecc ram on my hp xw4600 workstation. I am getting beep sound. My existing ram is 1gb * 2.. When i tried removing the 1 gb * 2  ram.. and Installed single 2gb ram its working fine... please help with this issue... 

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Re: xw4600 ram upgrade (16GB) issues

How many of 2GB modules do you have? Also please tell us part number of RAM.

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Re: xw4600 ram upgrade (16GB) issues

I would like to increase memory size of my xw4600 and, regarding this forum posts, I'm not quite sure which type of memory will really work now.  I would prefer having 16GB of total memory, but if the only running option would be 8GB, it's ok for me also. Can anybody give me some advise pls. ?

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Re: xw4600 ram upgrade (16GB) issues

Hubot, here are my findings, and my builds max out at 8GB, not 16GB RAM:


You can almost drive yourself nuts trying to figure out HP parts numbers.  I recently finished up a project updating about 14 xw4600s to W7Pro64 with 8GB each of the fast proper RAM, and upgraded all to what I found to be the fastest processor HP ever certified for that workstation at the best cost.  Here are the solutions for best outcome at best price:


1.  Processor:  Q9550 SLB8V sSpec code (E0 stepping).  There is one faster, Q9650 SLB8W sSpec code (E0 stepping) but that did not test out faster on my W7 WEI score testing, and cost significantly more used off eBay.  Both those are 95W max TDP, and as such are supposed to sit under the "performance" heatsink/fan.


2.  Heatsink/fan:  Even with those 95W processors I did not upgrade to the higher rated heatsink (it is the same fan).  I just used the stock "mainstream" heatsink/same fan that came with these workstations.  If you want to spend more for that performance heatsink it is 460285-001/453581-001.  Unlike wiht the xw6400/8400/6600/8600 the motherboard has no way to know what heatsink is sitting atop the processor and wiring of the identical fans for those two heatsinks is identical.  For our usage I just don't see temp rises, but if you're going to do intensive processing then search out the performance heatsink by using the two part numbers above.


3.  I added my "ghetto mod" type of HP front cooling fan to the front metal perforaded case, 92x92x25mm HP PWM fan mounted as detailed here in the forum.... just search for ghetto.  I use eBay to find these HP PWM fans, case fan type of 4-pin brown connector end rather than the white conventional HP memory fan end type.  I add in a resistor type of PWM 4-wire speed reducer.  I leave the rear stock case fan alone.  There is a motherboard front fan header waiting for you to use.


4.  Memory..... I am running 4 sticks of 2GB/stick, matched, for my W7Pro64 installs, 8GB total, and I only use the faster 800 MHz speed of the two speeds.  Generally I like to use only HP label RAM.  Sometimes I can find the same RAM without the HP label and that has worked fine too, but I do understand that the HP label RAM has been binned for best performance.  The xw4600 it is rated to run with the faster type of the "server" ram it wants (among other things both ECC and unbuffered).  That stuff was not common, so more expensive.  I always get it used off eBay.  The HP part numbers you want to search for are:


444909-061, which I have seen on Elpida Japan, Elpida China, Qimonda China,  Samsung China


445167-061, which I have seen on Hynix, Micron


These are all the faster 800MHz speed sticks, and I have seen HP benchmarking reports documenting "performance improvements of as much as 5%".


You can find the fast xw4600 2GB HP memory sticks now on eBay now, and even do the hard work of collecting the memory details from the images so you can find the exact non-HP label memory because the HP ones are pretty hard to find.  I averaged $95.74 for each 8GB set, and all were matched sticks.


This represents a lot of research, and all the builds are running perfectly this way.




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Re: xw4600 ram upgrade (16GB) issues

Hi Scott,


thank you very much for your detailed descriptions. I could find some modules in ebay that are working perfectly!


Merry christmas!

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