xw4600 ram upgrade (16GB) issues (4329 Views)
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eric youmans
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xw4600 ram upgrade (16GB) issues

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I installed Win7 64-bit on an xw4600 (p/n FL828UT#ABA) for an engineer at work and the 4GB that came with it works fine.  I installed 16GB of ECC unbuffered ram of the same speed and got nothing but 5 beeps.  I tried each module in slot 1 (just one module) and got the same result.  Two modules in slots 1 and 3, same result.  Same speed, same error checking, same unbuffered, same voltage...


HP's quick specs say this model supports up to 16GB of DDR2-667 or DDR2-800 ECC unbuffered memory (pg 11):


Part number of the (4) 1GB modules that work in the pc (looks like Hynix is the manufacturer):



Avant is the manufacturer of the ram I tried:

Avant Part number:

I took it back to the shop I bought it from and they said that I may need to try DDR2-667 instead of 800.  It's a special order though and 16GB of this type is nearly $500.

It looks like Axiom made the part numbers listed in another link I found on this forum regarding xw4600 ram compatibility issues, but the 4GB module I would be looking for (VH933AA) is discontinued.  Any suggestions will be appreciated.


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Jorge Pons
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Re: xw4600 ram upgrade (16GB) issues

Hi Eric


 have you solved your problem? I have a xw4600 and want to upgrade to 16GB....


 Thanks in advance, Jorge

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Jean Schuck
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Re: xw4600 ram upgrade (16GB) issues


I checked the QuickSpecs for xw4600 and it only has support for 16GB (4x4GB) DDR2-800 ECC RAM. I didn't see the DDR2 667 support..




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Re: xw4600 ram upgrade (16GB) issues

I'd like to clarify that PC2-5300 DDR2-667 DIMMs (ECC Unbuffered) is supported in xw4600 system. However the maximum size was 2GB for this speed.

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Re: xw4600 ram upgrade (16GB) issues

Only supporting a 16gb at a higher speed seems, well, crazy? :)  Has anyone ever tried putting 16GB of non-ecc memory into these?

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eric youmans
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Re: xw4600 ram upgrade (16GB) issues

I was able to get the computer up to 8GB, but not 16GB.  I didn't try non-ecc ram.  I'm not sure what the issue is, but by the time the user requires more ram, I will have replaced the pc.  Very frustrating since he's an engineer and a friend of mine... I really wanted to max out his ram.  He had a few studies of SolidWorks with charts that showed a significant increase in performance when upgrading from 4GB to 8GB, a smaller increase from 8 to 12 and a negligible increase from 12 to 16, so I felt a little better.  I don't like leaving something unresolved, but there are too many other fires to put out (as usual).

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Re: xw4600 ram upgrade (16GB) issues

Has anyone got any ideas on this issue please?

I am experiencing exactly the same issues.  Whether I insert 1 4GB stick or 2 or 4 4GB sticks all I get is 5 beeps from POST.  I don't get anything on display.


I am using VH933AA-HY (Hypertec equivalent), which is 4GB DDR2 ECC PC2-6400 unbuffered.

I have upgraded the BIOS to latest version already also.


Any help appreciated....



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Re: xw4600 ram upgrade (16GB) issues

I just got one of these xw4600 systems.  I trust crucial.com more than any other for my RAM needs.


The top upgrade it shows is for 4GB kit (2GBx2), 240-pin DIMM, DDR2 PC2-5300 memory module.

Two of these kits will max it out at 8GB.


Crucial memory for xw4600

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Re: xw4600 ram upgrade (16GB) issues

I tried installing 2gb ecc ram on my hp xw4600 workstation. I am getting beep sound. My existing ram is 1gb * 2.. When i tried removing the 1 gb * 2  ram.. and Installed single 2gb ram its working fine... please help with this issue... 

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Re: xw4600 ram upgrade (16GB) issues

How many of 2GB modules do you have? Also please tell us part number of RAM.

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