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Z800 fan noise seems extra loud

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At work I recently received a Z800 Workstation. The fans in this computer are running very loud and we have not been able to quiet it down.


I have updated the BIOS to the latest (03.57 Rev. A) and set to defaults. This didn't seem to change anything.


I have also installed the SpeedFan utility and tried to use that to slow down the fans. It does not seem to be able to impact the fan speeds at all.


In the BIOS, I see this information regarding temps and fan speeds.


* CPU 0 = 32C
* CPU1 = 32C
* Ambient = 0C
* Memory = 36C


Fan speeds showed this:
* CPU0 = 1109 rpm
* CPU1 = 0
* Memory = 785 rpm
* Chipset = 0
* Chassis = 4150rpm
* PCI = 0


The sound coming from the workstation is not like a fan is broken or going out. It is just simply like the fans are working extra hard keeping things cool. It sounds like I'm sitting in a data center.


Is there anyway to have the fans come on an off as needed or slow down? Is there some HP utility that I'm not seeing?


Any ideas would be appreciated.





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Re: Z800 fan noise seems extra loud

in BIOS, under Power - Thermal - Fan Idle Mode - what is it set to?

If to default (minimum) - then something is wrong with the system. Perhaps the ambient sensor is broken. Pretty sure it shouldn't be zero.
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Re: Z800 fan noise seems extra loud

I wondered if the Fan Idle Mode setting was supposed to do something. It appears to be at the minimum. When I change it, the fans speed up slightly then settle back to their 'normal' level. Doesn't seem to matter what setting I put it on the fans end up running the same.

I guess we'll figure something is broke.
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