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Z1 workstation 2.5 dual drive assignments

i have a z1 workstation with 2 factory 2.5" SSD's (drives C & D). However, I'd prefer to replace 1 of the 2.5's with a larger capacity 2.5 SSD for just the D (or drive 1) drive. My question is when looking at the 2 identical drives in the carrier, how do I tell which one is D? Or must I remove each singly and see which one then fails to boot?

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Re: Z1 workstation 2.5 dual drive assignments



when you open the Z1 and look inside, then you will see in the HD compartment 2 SATA ports. The bottom one is SATA 0 and the  upper one is SATA 1. If you connect one of your 2.5 HD to the bottom connector then you can boot and have drive C.  The 2nd 2.5 HD will be connected to the upper SATA 1port and can be assigned as drive D.

It worked on my system. Hope it will help you.

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