XW4400 - 1801 microcode error (5184 Views)
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Re: XW4400 - 1801 microcode error

I have the 2.06a BIOS if anyone wants it, however I dont think it will change the 1801 errors. Below I have pasted a summarized version of the info that is displayed when you run the file:

TITLE: HP xw4400 Workstation System BIOS
VERSION: 02.06 Rev. a
EFFECTIVE DATE: March 24, 2009

No enhancements have been added to BIOS version 02.06 since v02.05 (SP41392) was released.

The following enhancements have been made to BIOS version 02.05 since version 02.04 (SP37597) was released:
- Includes the most recent CPU microcode updates.
- Improves the security of pre-boot authentication (BIOS-based) passwords by clearing data from volatile memory.

The following fixes have been made in BIOS version 02.06 since version 02.05 (SP41392) was released:
- Corrects an issue that prevents USB devices from working correctly when a) the USB controller has been disabled in the Computer Configuration Utility (F10 Setup) and b) a power button 4-second override shutdown was done without shutting down Microsoft Windows.
- Fixes an issue where the Linux kernel debugging tool "kdump" did not work properly.
- Fixes an issue that allows more than one video card at a time to be designated as the primary VGA.
- Corrects an issue where VT-capable CPUs do not work properly after a resuming from Standby (S3) mode.

The following fix has been made in BIOS version 02.05 since version 02.04 (SP37597) was released:
- Provides various minor bug fixes.

Copyright (c) 2009 Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P.
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Re: XW4400 - 1801 microcode error

Yesterday someone send me the file
you can get it here: http://www.mediafire.com/?azcoyoy8l6mfkaw

It is a repacked folder, not the exe from ftp server, but anyway, no issues with my virus scanner

It did not solved my issue with the qx6800, as I expected, but it fixes the issue with my graphic board
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Re: XW4400 - 1801 microcode error

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FYI for all monitoring this thread (yet, maybe), there is 2.07 BIOS update from HP for xw 4400. it still has the supported CPUs locked against Q6600/6700, but all seems to be working fine except for the darn microcode patch error during POST.

we are using xw 4400 with universal power supply (Corsair 550W) and GTX 285 video card and now also Q6700 quad core cpu @ 2.66GHz. all works fine, we are running it with stock Foxconn cpu cooler that came with 1.8GHz dual core originally shipped with it. cpu temps are not a problem.

dumb question, has anybody figured out how to fix the 1801 microcode patch error for this board/bios?

has anybody noticed any kind of long term trouble with using an officially unsupported cpu (e.g. data corruption, etc.) considered the cpu core temps are under control?



It's a shame for HP to not support later processors oficially supported by Intel's chipset used on this HP/Foxconn board. it sucks actually, so much for future proofing.


does anybody know some open source BIOS that could be used on this board to get rid off HP limitations? we wouldn't mind using aftermarket cooling and doing some mild CPU speed overclocking on our Q6700 ;)

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Re: XW4400 - 1801 microcode error

HP does not support any upgrade of the processor officially. Upgrading the processor is not simple like we're thinking. There are multiple factors that make your system fail. Even though different stepping is used, Intel is changing a lot of things. For example, the thermal threshold can be changed. The new stepping processor requires to chage the fan table to enable this processor to work properly.


HP is spending a lot of resources and time to qualify the processors. We do not want to just release the new processors or supoort them without testing. This is very risky the customer will have unexpectable failure. You can find out a lot of problems even in this forum by upgrading the processor.


I believe that the other computer manufactures are doing the same way.

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Re: XW4400 - 1801 microcode error

I Know this is an old thread but is there anyone using a recent quad core CPU??
I bought  a Xeon Quad-Core just because ive never tought that HP would lock this upgrade options.

Anyone has experience using a Quad Core in Hp XW4400

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Re: XW4400 - 1801 microcode error

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Here's the situation and steps:


1.  The way HP keeps the wrong (mismatched or "unqualified") processors from being used is to have a specific list of approved processors in a primative part of BIOS called the Microcode, and if a processor is not on that list BIOS will not proceed even a little bit into boot.  In a few cases Microcode updates have been released independently (xw4600 is one case) but usually are included in BIOS updates.  That is why you want the latest BIOS if you're going to follow the steps below.  I always use the latest BIOS available regardless.  Just because a specific processor truly could run on the particular HP motherboard does not mean that it will run.... it has to be qualified by HP and then listed in the Microcode.


2.  Update BIOS first.


3.  Find the very latest HP QuickSpec document for your workstation.  Attached may be the latest..... I did not do an exhaustive search.


4.  Review that for the fastest processor you can afford.  Generally you'll want the fastest or the second fastest based on eBay costs.


5.  Locate the sSpecs for that processor.  Enter the processor name in google, and the result near or at the top that has an address with Ark at the front is the main Intel data source.  QX6700 gave:




6.  Go to the left lower link on that page that includes sSpec.  That gives the stepping-specific code laser etched on the top of the heat spreader of the processor.  Click on that and the page that opens will have one or more sSpec codes.  Choose the most recent one.  E0 for example is more recent than C0.  You can find ways to know the latest via google.  Don't ever buy one that starts with Q.... they are qualification samples.  If there is only 1 sSpec listed then your job is very easy..... that is the one that HP is using.  I only buy the latest that Intel released.... it will have improvements built in.  If you have a two processor workstation then you'd like to match the sSpec code of what you have in place under the first heatsink so you'd need to get that out and cleaned off to see the laser etching.  If you're buying two faster ones then just match their sSpec codes.  HP has stated in some BIOS releases documents that mixing of sSPEC codes is allowable, but I always match in two processor workstations.


7.  In the xw4400 there is only one sSpec code for the fastest processor......  SL9UL.  If there is more than one stepping I always buy the latest and never have had a problem.


8.  Search eBay for that sSpec code and buy cheap.  Use Noctua thermal paste.... very thin coating.  Hand tighten to a light snug value..... you will feel the screws just bottom out at that point.  I have posted here on the tool I got from McMaster.com for this.


9.  There are few issues with this process.  One is the fact that some (about 10%) of the xw6400 motherboards cannot run with the fastest quad core that HP certified for that workstation, posted about here.  Another is that special "performance" fans are needed for high max TDP processors in some workstations.  Processors with greater than or equal to 120 W TDP in the xw8600 are an example.  The motherboard wants a "double tall" heatsink/2 fan combo in that situation.  The xw4600 has a 3-heatpipe performance heatsink/fan for the hotter processors..... that workstation does not have a motherboard that can sense if a 2- or 3-heatpipe processor has been attached, however.  You can see the TDP values in the Ark data, and sometimes in the QuickSpec.  Some workstations have had layers of processor upgrades over time, such as the xw4600, and not all that were in older QuickSpecs will be in the newest.  Finally, a few cases exist where a new generation motherboard was released under the same name that will run a new generation of processors, and that motherboard must be in place to run the latest processors..... that is the case with the ZX00 and the ZX20 workstations such as the Z600 and Z620s now...... detailed in this forum.


10.  John L is giving you the official HP input there...... yes, that advice is the most cautious way to go, but I don't follow it.  You just need to stick to the list in the latest QuickSpec and get the latest BIOS, and generally you'll be fine.


11.  My advice right now...... do this with a cheap used slow single processor xw6600 from eBay and add in two SLBBMs plus an Intel 320 SSD that is 160GB or higher in size, plus 8GB HP RAM and W7Pro64.  Or, simply stick with trying a QX6700 as your first step.



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