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X4000 corrupted Bios

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I am having a problem with my X4000 workstation. I decided, for no good reason, to upgrade my bios to the latest version. In the middle of the procedure my power went out.

I restarted the machine and I know I get a blank screen and nothing else. I tried to recover the bios by enabling the Boot Block recovery Recovery swith and booting from a bios floopy, but it does not work. I tried following the procedure discussed in,,0xd55f42308663d611abdb0090277a778c,00.html

Whenever I boot up with the Boot Block recovery Recovery swith on I get one beep followed by 3 beeps followed by 3 beeps and ending with another beep. The power and hardrive light are flashing red while the diagnostic lights are off-red-off-off

Does anyone have an idea what does that means, besides that I am not getting my computer to work. I also see that there is no floppy seek no matter in which state the recovery swith is.

I am very desperate, I need this machine working again as soon as possible. Can someone give me an idea on what to do next.






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Re: X4000 corrupted Bios

Off-Red-off-off is "The BIOS cannot load" which pretty much is what you've described.

If you've added a second CPU recently, I'd remove it

Reseat RIMM's, and remove non-HP memory.
Remove all accessory cards except video.
Disconnect HDD's & optical storage.
Disconnect the speaker cable from the motherboard.

Make sure that you have flipped switch 2 on after disconnecting power. Sometimes people flip 3 instead of 2.

Check your crisis BIOS diskette. It should be a bootable DOS floppy with no memory manager. Along with the bootfiles, you should have the following files on it:

Autoexec will contain one line phlash16 /c /mode=3 iuw116us.wph

Then go back to following directions. It should access the floppy at this point.


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