Upgrading xw6200 processors? (1438 Views)
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Upgrading xw6200 processors?

I have a xw6200 workstation with two Xeon 3.4HT processors in it, and honestly, it's a gorgeous machine. But I'm writing scientific software that is highly parallelizable, so I'm always looking for more processors. I was intrigued by Intel's recent announcements of dual- and quad-core Xeons... is there any way to upgrade my machine to any of those?

Thanks in advance! Cheers,

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Re: Upgrading xw6200 processors?

No way! The farest you can go is to Dual XEON 3.8GHz (800MHz FSB, Netburst), but that won't bring you much. The xw6200 uses the old Netburst XEONs which are basically multiprocessor-capable Pentium4's (which produce the same heat like hell fire). No dual-core, only HT. The current line of XEONs (XEON 5100 and 5300 series, Woodcrest) are totally different beasts. They are basically multiprocessor-capable Core 2 Duo/Quad processors and require a different system infrastructure like LGA775 socket (xw6200 has Socket478), Dual Independent FSB 1066/1333 (xw6200 has a single FSB800), new intel 5000X chipset with quad channel DDR2-667 FBDIMMs (xw6200 uses the old E75xx chipset with dual channel DDR2-400 DIMMs). In short: you would need a totally new system.

Benjamin, writing this on a xw8400 (2x XEON 5160, 32GB RAM, 4x 300GB SAS) ;-)
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Re: Upgrading xw6200 processors?

Hello Benjamin,
Thanks for your answer... and good for you and your great machine!
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Re: Upgrading xw6200 processors?

hello guys,
i got a xw6200 about 5 months ago. a company was getting new PCs and the xw6200 work station was given to me. i was looking for a processor/s upgrades and came across the Xeon 7041 3.0ghz 800fsb 2x2mb 90nm on the 604 scoket.
from what i am reading here, this chip will not work in my machine or less i change the motherboard?

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