Problems installing RAID drivers on xw4400 duing fresh XP install (133 Views)
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Problems installing RAID drivers on xw4400 duing fresh XP install

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This is actually a solution to a problem that I've been having and haven't found an answer for online. I found something that worked and thought others could use it.

I've been working on an xw4400, re-installing a fresh version of XPP from scratch. I need to use RAID as these machines will be used in a critical environment.

The problem I was having was that I downloaded the drivers and created a floppy disk for an f6 installation. I scrounged around and found a floppy drive and connected it for this purpose.

I started the XPP install, pressed f6 for Third Party RAID drivers and watched the floppy drive get read. When XP install was ready, I pressed f8 to accept the license, but no hard disks were found.

From what I recalled from XPP installations I've done before, f6 would bring up a screen where one presses S to select from drivers that were on the floppy disk. I'd insert the disk, press S and select the device I wanted. I wasn't getting this, as I've seen quite a few others having this problem.

So, I'd put the floppy in the drive and THEN start the install. The disk was read, and iaStor.sys was read in, but still no hard disks showed up.

I tried many different drivers from both HP and Intel but nothing worked.

Finally, I decided to look at the files on the floppy disk. In the file "txtsetup.oem", one can see all the different drivers the files on the disk will cover. I could also see the device I wanted. Why couldn't I choose it or why wasn't it being installed?

There is one line that has a default device.

scsi =

I changed this entry so that the install would default to the device I wanted (changed it to what it was in the list that followed this line).

I saved the file and restarted the install with the floppy in the drive. iaStor.sys was read and, low and behold, the disks were seen.

I spent alot of time trying to figure this out and it seems that quite a few others have the same problem, but I've never seen this solution, so I thought I'd throw it out there for someone else to try. Who knows, it worked for me!!



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