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Drive configuration in xw8200


It appears this model has SATA-IDE-SCSI connections for all types of storage. Can someone please tell me what I can MIX in this system and of most importance.... what needs to be the boot drive or better yet what combinatioins will work. Have searched the forums and the online manuals to no avail.

At this stage all (2-hdd's-2- CD-DVD drives are IDE), I would like to add more storage and have SCSI 68 pin drives.

thank you

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Re: Drive configuration in xw8200

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First, update your BIOS to the latest version.  Some of the answers will depend on if you're going to do a clean install of XPPro, a rebuild from HP CD's, or attempt a Windows 7 build.  I for sure would not recommend using the SCSI drives, personally.  SATA drives are so cheap and mature as a technology now.  See below for my favorite SATA drive, and why.


Second, if you have not already found this then google for xw8200 technical and service manual.... that is a great resource to have for this workstation.


Third, from that manual:


SATA Guidelines


These systems support a mixed configuration of UATA/IDE, SCSI, and SATA hard drives. While

HP supports the presence of IDE drives, it does not ship any configurations using those drives.


The HP Workstation xw8200 has two SATA ports on the system board, but five internal hard drive

mounting points. Connect the first SATA drive (boot drive if booting from SATA) to the top port (upper port

when system board is facing up). If installing a second drive, connect it to the bottom port. Installing more

than two drives requires a SATA controller card in one of the PCI slots.

When installing and operating SATA devices:


Connect the SATA hard drive from the system board to the hard drive with the SATA cable (326965-002).  (EDIT:  I bet any good SATA cable will work.  I like the latching Molex branded ones that you can get easily from


If using a SATA controller card, connect the 4-4 pin LED cable (included with SATA controller board) from the

card header “JP1” (4-pin header) to the system board header labeled “SCSI LED” (4-pin header).


Fourth, I actually like having my DVD on the IDE bus..... and that cohabits with SATA devices very nicely.  With only two SATA ports on your motherboard I'd stick with that.  You'll probably need to dink with the BIOS some..... I don't have an xw8200 available to help with thatj, but it's likely similar to the xw6400 settings.  I can help with that later if you need.


Fifth, I'd advise using a Seagate Momentus XT SATA hard drive, which has flash memory built into the drive..... I'd go for a 500 GB version, first edition, and make sure you have the latest firmware on that.  You'll want as snappy a drive as possible, and that one caches commonly used code onto the flash.  If you want to spend the extra money then get the second generation (bigger, with more flash memory).  These are 2.5" drives, and I have posted in the past here about my favorite carriers for those that fit the HP plastic drive sleds.


Good luck,




Edit...... just took a look..... the driver/bios downloads from HP for this workstation are pretty old, compared to an xw6400.  For the xw6400, also, you can download new recent BIOS that works great with W7Pro64bit, and get the sound/network drivers even from a Z600 and they install fine.  Plus you can upgrade to Windows 7 easily..... are you sure you don't want to switch to buying a  cheap used xw6400 off eBay and going forward with that?  For example, very fast processor upgrades off eBay are available for the xw6400 because so many of those processors were also used in servers which are being parted out.  The xw8200 prices on eBay sure seem high, compared to the xw6400, and that probably is because so many of the xw6400's were made and becoming available.  I have posted on how to upgrade processors for the xw6400..... you can get great quad cores for as low as 25.00 to fit...... I'd go for either the E5345 or the E5160 processors, as previously discussed.

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Re: Drive configuration in xw8200


Thank you for information.

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