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nic card named incorrectly in device manager

after image is loaded through usb the nic card appears with local area connection 2 :i am unable to rename it as an error message comes up :network card with that name already exsists  : in closer inspection of the drivers installed through device manager i discovered several virtual drivers that were hidden can you advise the purpose for these extra drivers

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Re: nic card named incorrectly in device manager

Unfortunately, this is a minor side effect of supporting multiple platforms with a single image - the latest image supports 4 different hardware platforms.  Sometimes they share the same driver, but PNP already enumerated each one with different friendly names. 

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Re: nic card named incorrectly in device manager

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It's not easy but it can be done.


Uninstall the NIC card driver in the Device Manager.


You'll have to search the Registry for all references to the NIC card name and delete them but impersonating the System account.  Some keys are protected so not even Admin can get at them.....least not easily.  You may need to delete the Key that contains the data not just the values.


You can do this by getting PSEXEC from Microsoft.  Run the follwoing command:


psexec -s -i regedit.exe


As you search around you'll begin to see other NIC card entries.  Delete them at your distretion but be careful!  You'll also see many duplicate "Local Area Connection" and various Wireless entries.  Delete them as well.


Reboot the machine and install the NIC card driver back.  If it doesn't install back, you can easily get the driver from the device OEM's website.  HP doesn't seem to install the latest device drivers for some reason.


Good Luck!

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