Where is the HP imaging tool? (3246 Views)
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Where is the HP imaging tool?

Maybe I'm just trying too hard to find it but this legendary CRStart.exe and the package-for-the-web deliverable thing are impossible to find. I just want to image the new thin clients.

Also along these lines, when I do find this tool am I able to pull an existing image off of it? Basically what we're doing is setting up about 22 of these for a customer and then shipping them out to location. Will i be able to set up one particular thin client and then use that image to image the rest of the clients? If this is possible please let me know. Thanks
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Re: Where is the HP imaging tool?




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Re: Where is the HP imaging tool?

You can download the utility you need from the download section of the HP wesbite. I think this utility is designed as a restoration tool. It won't necessarily go by the name crstart.exe, but you should see something listed under images/operating systems for your thin client model.

The Altiris solution should theoretically allow you to do what you want: http://www.altiris.com/Products/DeploymentSolution/hpthinclients.aspx

Alternatively, you can backup your thin client on to a USB stick, then restore it on to others.
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Re: Where is the HP imaging tool?


All the latest thin client models have a new feature called HP ThinState Capture. It's typically accessed from the control panel icon.

It does what you're looking for by cloning the drive of the "master" thin client to a USB flash disk drive. Then use that USB flash drive to boot & re-image the other 22 thin clients. All you need is a USB flash drive at least twice the size of the internal flash drive of the "master" thin client.

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