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T5545 Thin Client LE1711 Monitor Issue

We have 30 new T5545 Thin Clients connected to 30 new LE1711 Monitors.  As soon as we boot them into the ThinPro OS and move the mouse to the bottom of the screen the screen image slides up about an inch.  When we then move the mouse to the top of the screen the screen image slides back down to the original position. 


The resolution is set to Auto on the thin client but still demonstrates the problem when set to the monitor preferred 1280 x 1024 60Hz manually.  We have tried resetting the monitors back to their factory settings with no success.  We have tried installing the latest thin client software image from the support site.


The monitors work okay on our desktops (e.g. HP DC7900 CM).  The thin clients work fine on other monitors (e.g. Samsung SyncMaster 225BW).  The strangest thing is that the thin clients work with an earlier batch of the LE1711 monitors (manufactured in January 2010), the problem batch were manufactured in April 2010.  The 2 batches of monitors although they are the identical model do have different part numbers, regulatory model numbers and Rev.


We have put a call into the support desk but they do not know what the problem could be so any help or suggestions are very much appreciated.


Kind Regards



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Re: T5545 Thin Client LE1711 Monitor Issue

Did you find a fix for this issue? I am having the same problem but slightly different. 


I have a HP t5565 with HP thinpro OS. I have two monitors plugged in. both are 1280x1024. The monitor plugged into the DVI port will scroll down when running at its native resolution. I've treid it with both an Acer and a Samsung monitor and its the same, so its the ThinClient thats doing it, not the monitor. I've tried every display setting I could find, I messed with it for a few hours, and installed all of the updates. 

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Re: T5545 Thin Client LE1711 Monitor Issue

I believe there is a new video driver that might fix this issue but you will need to contact HP service to get it or wait for the next image release.


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Re: T5545 Thin Client LE1711 Monitor Issue



We have the same problem with monitor LE 1711 connecting to thin client, it's the problem with the monitor firmware. The only thing we can do is call HP and ask the monitor engineer to change the firmware of LE 1711.


We have this problem twice, each of them involving 100 of LE 1711 . I supprised why HP didn't update the firmware before delivering to customer?

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Re: T5545 Thin Client LE1711 Monitor Issue

We are having the same issue with our t5565's. We have about 100 of them in our inventory. The DVI-I port works fine but the DVI-D port runs the monitor differently and we had to skew the resolution to make it look right for the end-user. However, when we look at the resoultion on our Citrix manager it says the client is running at something like 1400x1200 instead of the resolution set within ThinPro, which is 1920x1080. We really wanted to run our monitors at 1920x1200 but that's when we get the scroll (like 1 inch of the monitor is "bled" down below the actual screen.


Another issue we've come across is that users who run Word 2003 with checkboxes in the document. The "X" in the checkboxes do not appear. They will show up with newer versions of MS Word; however we cannot deploy that software yet. With all other HP terminals, the "X" appear in the checkbox and the ThinPro settings are the same.

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Re: T5545 Thin Client LE1711 Monitor Issue

We had this same problem with t5565 thin clients (with HP LA1951g monitors), even with the latest software loaded from HP's site. It turns out support has an updated driver available that fixed it for us. As usual it took way longer working with support to get this than seems reasonable to me.


The file name that we received was E40306_vx900_56952-2_i386.deb. If anyone else is still having this problem I would recommend getting ahold of support and getting the update.

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Re: T5545 Thin Client LE1711 Monitor Issue

Hi Jason,


Would you, by any chance, still have the file? Support in Europe is having a very hard time finding the driver for me, and we are facing exactly the same problems.


Kind regards,




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