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HPDM gateways

Hi guys i have this situation



HPDM server  ----> SUBNET 1


SUBNET2----->30 t5740e

SUBNET2 -----> 40 t5740e

SUBNET3------> 15 t5740e


Initially all the TCs are deployed on SUBNET1, the same where HPDM is and they correctly register on the server (DHCP option is ok to pass hpdm ip address)

The all the tc are moved to different subnets, where no other HPDM gateways are installed.

I am able to ping, send tasks, but i have other problems, like i see all the TC up even if they are switched off.

I think i must deploy other HPDM gateways to resolve this issue.


- Do i have to install gateways on a machine on every subnet and pass this ip to TCs?

- What about installing more NICs on the HPDM server each tagged on the subnets VLAN?






Anybody with experience about how to manage TCs on different subnets with on HPDM?

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Re: HPDM gateways

In DHCP, you will need to create the DHCP scope option (Tag 202) for each of the subnets.

I would just put in the HPDM server ip address in since this is the only one machine that you have and not seperate gateways. When the thinclients receive their ip address, their HPDM agent (you find this in the control panel of each thin client), will point to your HPDM server. Your HPDM server can then start seeing your thin clients.


You could also put this in as a DHCP server scope option, but if you ever add additional gateways, you will need to change DHCP to subnet options.


Tag 202 Format:

[Gateway IP Address] [Server IP Address]



If the HPDM Agent does not already have a contactable primary or Backup Gateway it will attempt to connect the Gateway specified here. If that attempt is successful the Agent will set its primary Gateway to this one.


Reference page 27-28 from the HPDM manual, if you are using Windows for your DHCP server. http://bizsupport2.austin.hp.com/bc/docs/support/SupportManual/c01659994/c01659994.pdf

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