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hp9000/362 controller

I have an hp9000/362 controller (A2240B). I would like to add an external SCSI port to this unit.

1. What is the model or part number of the SCSI cable that I would need? (I have A1473-61603)

2. Is the circuitry already in this controller to support the external SCSI port?

Thanks...Jarrett Smith
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Re: hp9000/362 controller

Those cards are easy to find..........any COMP USA will fix you right up......They usually have support for both internal and external devices/drives. I just used one of those PCI SCSI cards to install an internal SCSI CD-RW and it had an external interface as well..........they come with cables for the internal drives.......the external device you buy will likely have the cable.......if not..........they have them........they are standard cables....................
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Re: hp9000/362 controller

Please do not go and buy the PCI SCSI card - thre is no PCI slot in a 362 and you can only unstall HP cards in the 300 series.
The SCSI contoller chip will be standard internally on the 36 and there is a cable available that has the external SCSI connector on it.
If you want to buy a cable the product number was A2256A and you got a replacement internal SCSI cable with an additional external connector on. The spare part number of this cable was A1473-61603 and is orderable from https://partsdirect.hp.com/mainmenu.asp

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Re: hp9000/362 controller

Steve- You are indeed correct...there is no PCI slots in the 362.

You did answer my question about the external port being supported even though it is not installed. That is the info I was looking for. Thanks.

Jarrett Smith
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Re: hp9000/362 controller

i have hp controller 362,the QUANTUM PRODRIVE ELS 3-1/2" DISK DRIVE 120MB is broke and i want to install the new one with QUANTUM PRODRIVE LPS 340S 3-1/2" DISK DRIVE 540MB.
i already set the address on the disk drive and follow the instruction for booting, but it wont work.
here the instruction:

1) Get all the original instrument software together.

2) If you do not have a York Common Install Disc (YCID). Then you will
only be able to install a single instrument on each controller.

3) Ideally you should have a HP Utilities Disc. I am sure I have sent
one to you previously. This is useful for formatting.

4) Fit the new Hard Disc.

5) Insert the YCID if you have one. If not insert the S18/S200 boot
disc (Disc1).

6) Power up the controller and press the space bar continually until
the floppy drive is recognised in the top left hand side of the monitor.

7) The controller will recognise a operating system (Basic 6.21) and
identify it with a single number and letter, i.e. (1Y)

8) Enter the same using the keyboard and press enter. The controller
now boot the operating system.

9) The YCID allows you to install multiple instruments on a single
controller. It is not necessary but nice. If you install with the YCID then follow the onscreen prompts.

10) If you are installing from a instrument boot disc, after installing
the operating system it will ask for the program discs. Insert the discs.

11) After installing the program it will ask you for any options. I am
not sure if Telkom have any options. I think it is best if you do not
install them for now. You can add them later if need be.

12) On completion of the install it will ask you to reinstall the boot
disc. Congratulations.

13) Remove and floppy discs from the controller and recycle the power to
the controller to make sure that it boots from the hard drive.

could you help me?
my new disk drive have a difference capacity,the old one is 120MB and the new one is 540MB.is this capacity effect the booting.
or maybe i should update the boot room or firmware? how?

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