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Visualize X550 Beep codes?

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My Visualize X550 recently started the annoying problem of not booting, and instead emits a series of loud beeps similar to morse code. There is no video when this happens.

I have already removed all the cards, the porcessors, memory and all the plugs I could find and reseated them.

Does anyone know where to find the meaning of the beep codes? There is nothing listed on the LCD screen.





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Re: Visualize X550 Beep codes?

If it doesn't beep when it doesn't happen, it sounds like either a video problem (check cables) or a memory problem. Try another vid adapter too.

try the memories one at a time, often it's a bad stick, then: sometimes power supply, sometimes the board or processor.

pray that it's the cable or the memory!
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Re: Visualize X550 Beep codes?

Have you tried setting the "clear CMOS" jumper?
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Re: Visualize X550 Beep codes?

What is the code sequence?

maybe check here:

isnt the visualize a XU with the big vid card? Anyway usually beepcodes sound like trouble, hardware!
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