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Unix Server B2600

One of our B2600 sever gets restart once or twice in a day without any message in history.
During rebooting it completes its process without any problem or manual intervention smoothly. But it happens on daily basis and causing us anxious moments. Yesterday we have cleaned the server and its is now running uninterrupted since last 24 hours lets us wait now. Can any body help me in diagnosing the problem.
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Re: Unix Server B2600


Have you tried looking in syslog, or for any crash dumps ?

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Re: Unix Server B2600


Thanx for attempting the solution.

No I just tried with the physical hardware. Like checking LAN0, LAN1, Power Supply etc. Yesterday when my unit was down I cleaned the server from inside. As I am not good at Unix. I don't know how to check the log etc. Can you help me for the same.
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Re: Unix Server B2600

The default HP-UX system log location is
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Re: Unix Server B2600

> Yesterday we have cleaned the server ...

Was it dirty? If there was a large amount of dust covering the machine, especially around the fans and inside the unit, your computer is probably overheating, a very bad situation as heat damage is permanent. If the environment is warm, or worse, the B2600 is in a small room without proper cooling, the computer may crash and never boot again. The computer should operate in a temperature of 18-25 deg C (65-78 deg F). Exceeding the high temperature will cause early failure of the hardware. And fixing the hardware may require extended time with help from consultants to restore the data.
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Re: Unix Server B2600

It is not like that.
Though it was dirty but now we have cleaned.
We are unable to fix the problem.
All the fans are working fine.
We have checked all hardware.
It starts fine without any problem.
Run fine for hours.
Suddenly restarts without any message & completes the booting process without any problem.
We are having no clue.
Please help in trouble shooting.
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Re: Unix Server B2600

please provide the outputs of the following commands:

# ll /etc/shutdownlog
# cat /etc/shutdownlog
# ll -rt /var/adm/syslog/*sysl*

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Re: Unix Server B2600


does the time/date of the last files in /var/tombstones coincide with the restart times?
Or anything in /var/adm/crash?
Have you checked the cron jobs in /var/spool/cron/crontabs?

And what's in /var/adm/syslog/OLDsyslog.log?

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Re: Unix Server B2600


I am enclosing old file retrieved on Sept 15, 2010. I had gone thru it, but couldn't found anything so not checked later. If it is important I will upload those ones tomorrow.
Right now I am enclosing the old ones, we were facing much before that i.e. 15-09-10. These files are
1. ErrTrace.log.last.1
2. ErrTrace.log.last
3. syslog.log.old
4. OLDsyslog
5. syslog
6. mail
Please check it I will arrange new one in 1-2 days.
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Re: Unix Server B2600

Since 1 week I have the same problem with one of my B2600 running 10.20.
There are not traces in /var/adm/syslog or /etc/rc.log. There are no files in /var/adm/crash or tombstones.
I have diagnostics running and I also looked at xstm -> Tools -> Utility -> Run... -> logtool . In logtool I use File -> Select Raw .. to check the latest hardware diag file but it does not show any problems.
Also in xstm all hardware is green.
I excercised memory, cpu and the attached disks but no problem found.

From my experience the B2600 hardware is quite weak, especially the fans but also the other parts.
For your and my case I suspect a loose contact somewhere.
Best thing you could do is cleaning the system and also cleaning the contacts of RAM, disks etc. I use pressurized air, tuner cleaning spray and a vacuum cleaner for that.
If nothing helps I guess the systems need to be scrapped.
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Re: Unix Server B2600

Add On:
I replugged the RAM and disks and changed the power supply as the fan sounded to me not running smoothly anymore.
For now the system is running without problems since then.
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