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LEDs on C8000

How do I turn off the LEDs Warnning for Video Card on C8000?
I was instructed to do the following but didn't help. What does the following do anyways?
Main Menu: Enter command or menu > co pa con serial_A.643

Console path: serial_A.643
11.283 (hex)

Main Menu: Enter command or menu > ser chassiscodes off
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Re: LEDs on C8000


I dont think you can turn the led off.

the workstation is designed to use a graphics card, and will show the error light you are seeing if it is missing.

What you have been asked to do, is just redirect the console output to a serial console(Terminal device)

Everytime you boot the workstation it will likely stop at BCH with a warning about no graphics card found. From here you MAYBE able to boot it, but something tells me it wont even boot without one installed?

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Re: LEDs on C8000

Thanks Andrew.

Wasn't sure if this is something can be done.
My customer said that someone did turn that off in the past.
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Re: LEDs on C8000

I sometimes started such a machine without a graphics card, but never noticed an error.

Make sure you disconnect the USB keyboard and mouse.

Without keyboard, the system automatically uses the serial console, AFAIR.

Hope this helps!


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