Fans in B2600 workstation (343 Views)
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Fans in B2600 workstation

Does anybody know the MTBF for the fans in the HP B2600?
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Re: Fans in B2600 workstation


I dont know about the exact MTBF for the fans? but there are 6 in total, i suppose which ones your refering too.

there is the cpu fan, psu fan and then the two set of fans in the front, 2 sml and 2 lge. Also different revisions slightly of the 4 front fans.

they do fail, especially the front ones, but this also depends upon the conditions that the workstations are kept in. in dirty hot conditions they will fail quicker than cooler clean conditions.

There is also a firmware update that improves performance of the fans, version 1.4 so you could check you have this version installed.

Also I see many that are configured wrongly at BCH. There is a setting that you change for either a rackmount or deskside workstation.

this makes then run faster or slower slightly

what reason do you want to know for?

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Re: Fans in B2600 workstation

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