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Lamar Dick
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C8000 to Windows

Is it possible to convert my C8000 to Windows XP or Windows 7? I have no need for HP-UX any longer but would like to salvage the hardware if possible.

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Dennis Handly
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Re: C8000 to Windows

>Is it possible to convert my C8000 to Windows XP or Windows 7?


No.  But there may be some Linux distributions that work on PA-RISC.

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Re: C8000 to Windows

Hello Dennis,


Do you know what distributions work? If so, any idea on the process of doing so? I know, that is like asking "How does electricity work Dad?" but, I have a decent amount of them that I would like to find use for rather than use them as boat anchors. 





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Re: C8000 to Windows

Start here:


The main Linux distributions for PA-RISC hardware seem to be Debian and Gentoo. Unfortunately, Debian removed the PA-RISC from its list of officially-supported architectures in the current release, so finding a starting point for downloading the installation media may be tricky as the links to older releases are not displayed as prominently.


If you want to install Debian, this might be the place to start:


Once you get Debian 5.0 working, you can probably upgrade to unofficial version of Debian 6.0 by using the repository as your package source.

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Fred Jansen
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Re: C8000 to Windows

Please, before you scrap the C8000 machines, let me know in buying one from you.

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