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sar for the hour


Would like to use sar to look at an hour of time, is there a difference of using
Sar -d 3600 1 as suppose to using a sar 60 60? I am not sure if my thinking is correct on if I run
A sar 3600 1, I will get a shot of the full hour, and totals for the hour, where using the 60 60 I get pretty much the same results, but its broken to by the minutes.

thank you in advance for the advice.

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Re: sar for the hour

Hi Scott:

Yes, the overall value reported at the end of the hour will be much the same either way, but why, for the sake of 60 data-points compromise the granularity of the measurement? That is, with the measurements reported every minute you can see the relative hot-spots...


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Re: sar for the hour

Set up sar in your crontab file as follows:
0 * * * * /usr/lbin/sa/sa1 1200 3
0 0 * * * /usr/lbin/sa/sa2 -s 00:00 -e 23:45 -1 3600 -A

You can then run sar anytime with the different options (see sar online manual) to get your statistics
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Re: sar for the hour

Thank you for the info, will give the ideas a try.
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