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ICAP processor configuration




We have 2 ia64 hp Superdome2 8s  having 8 cores configured in 2 node cluster with ICAP


Its an Backup server HP OMNI running ,3 Packages configured including cell manager.


For the 2 packages we are seeing the below diff in external script file


# grep icapmodify 2_external.sh
    /usr/sbin/icapmodify -s 4
# grep icapmodify 3_external.sh
    /usr/sbin/icapmodify -s 1


In GiCAP pkg file also below differnce

CPUNUM-7 IN 2 Package and CPUNUM=4 in 3 package.please find the sample script.


Its configured in 2 node SG cluster

The issue we are facing is if we run the package 2 was up alone it will occupy 7 cores 

If package 3 is up it will occupy 4 cores


if we try to bring up the package 2 when 3 was up the CPU getting deactivated

What was the reason for that


any configuration modification to be performed from script end?


# grep CPUNUM GiCAP_pkg.sh
                if [ $CPU -lt ${CPUNUM} ]
                        print "Executing /usr/sbin/icapmodify $2 $3 ${CPUNUM}"
                        /usr/sbin/icapmodify $2 $3 ${CPUNUM} | grep -e "core units are now active" -e "Partition already in desired state"  >> /dev/null 2>&1
                                echo "icapmodify ${2} ${3} ${CPUNUM} executed Successfully !"
                                echo "icapmodify ${2} ${3} ${CPUNUM} executed Unsuccessfully."
        if [ $CPU -eq ${CPUNUM} ]
        y=`expr $x - \( $CPUNUM \* 30 \)`
        if [[ $x -gt `expr $CPUNUM \* 30` ]]
                                        echo "$CPUNUM of cores are activated and Some cores are activated by TiCAP."
        echo "Number of active cores is ${CPUNUM} without using TiCAP."
                        echo "$CPUNUM of cores are activated. "


Waiting for your valuable update.








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