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sr1130nx noise

Hi - I purchased a refurbished sr1130nx desktop. I am very dissatisfied with it because it runs the fan at high, noisy speed whenever it starts any program, and whenever printers are connected to it. It is so loud that it makes meetings difficult.

Is this a known problem with that device? Is there an easy solution for it? I have downloaded and installed the latest BIOS update but that has made no difference. We have not installed any new hardware inside the computer, and the only connected peripherals are two printers, a monitor, keyboard and mouse, and a LAN connection to our router.

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Re: sr1130nx noise

Fans get noisy when they are 'unbalanced' because they are old and/or wearing out. The solution there is to replace the fan with a new one. There will be a CPU fan, a power supply fan, and possibly an extra case fan in your computer. The noisy one could be any of these. If you have a case fan then sometimes just disconnecting this one will reduce the noise, however the more fans, the less heat and the less chance of overheating.
You could have expected the re-furbishing people to have checked the fans.
I have a case fan which I disconnect in the winter and reconnect in the summer when the air temperature is warmer.
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