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Undo Raid 1 Setup of HP m8120n

When I purchased my HP Media Center PC (an m8120n) it came with 640 GB of hard drive storage. This total storage is actually based on two separate internal 320 GB drives. As I used the system it occasionally offered me the option of setting the two drives up in a Raid 1 configuration. Not having a lot of experience with managing Raid systems, I shortly decided the redundancy and protection offered by a Raid 1 configuration sounded like a good idea. So I clicked the button that essentially said "Do it!"

But now I regret that decision. It cut my total internal storage in half, and now I would rather have the extra internal drive space. I have a 320 GB external drive and software which will allow me to make and maintain regular backups of my system and data. So I'd really like to undo my Raid 1 setup.

I know the system relies on a so-called Intel Matrix Storage Manager driver. I know I can access the Raid management screen by pressing Control-I quickly during system bootup. And I have gotten as far as finding a menu item called something like "Reset Raid". After pressing that choice I get a list of my two drives and a question about which one would I like to select. Of course, there is a warning about how resetting a drive to non-raid status will destroy all of my data.

Even though I have backed up my system to my external drive, I'd really prefer to not have to rebuild it. So I select my second drive only thinking the system would now make it available as a new drive (while leaving the first drive intact so I can reboot on it as I normally do).

Well, that scheme did not work out. While the system booted like normal it gave me a message it had discovered a problem with my Raid setup, then proceeded to happily fix it for me by rebuilding it. Checking My Computer confirmed I still had only one C: drive, a small D: drive holding the system recovery software, and no new other internal hard drive (I'm not mentioning the removable drives built into the m8120n for things like memory cards).

So my questions now are:

1. How do I undo my Raid 1 setup?
2. Should I have selected both hard drives to be reset?
3. If I had picked both drives, would it have wiped both of them clean, not allowing me to reboot without first restoring every thing from backup?
4. Is this a stupid idea?
5. Should I just live with my setup as a Raid 1 configuration and be happy with it?

PS: I'm running Windows Vista but have experience with Mac OSX and different flavors of Linux.
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