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PC Runs Too Hot

I have a HP Pavilion 525 C,running Win XP.It is older.I recently installed a new power supply due to overheating.I run Speedfan to monitor my fan temps,which usually stay around 70-75 degrees,which I know is too high.The heatsink is cool to the touch,seems fine,is there anyway to lower the temp of the fan.When it does get too high,my PC shuts down,and I have to wait a bit to turn back on,this with the new power supply.If you know of a way to lower temps(maybe BIOS?) can you please let me know,I appreciate the help.
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Re: PC Runs Too Hot

Hi, If you are talking about the CPU temperature, there are much better heat sinks and fans that what you have in there.

Zalman is a good name that pops up all the time. There are many other too. Some of these are pure copper, or a mix of copper and aluminum. They run about 30 bucks or so.

Keep in mind that everything in your computer was purchased because it was the cheapest that could be found; (i.e. low bidder). The fans are also very cheap, and there are good ones that really move air, and are very quiet too. These cost about 3 bucks.

I would also pull the heatsink and clean off the thick putty-type compound, and use a good silver based paste. Artic Silver comes to mind.

This will eliminate some of the trouble spots, and rule out hardware based issues.

Let us know how it plays out.

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