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P6787c-b desktop Brand New, DVD Rom not responding/ejecting after first burn.

I recently bought the P6787c-b desktop from costco sometime early March, and the cd/dvd rom stopped responding end of April.
I used Nero 10 to burn an ISO file to dvd before it stopped working. So I suspected the problem arose from burning, but wasn't sure since I have installed other software on the desktop since I bought it.
So, I returned the desktop and re-bought the same model desktop from costco. This time, the first thing I did was burn a DVD movie with all the original settings and software that came with the HP, to confirm my suspicions. As luck would have it, the dvd stopped responding right after I burned the DVD, this time I burned the dvd using the windows burning software.

What do I mean by stopped responding?
The eject button on the cd/dvd rom doesn't work. When right clicking the ROM from "My Computer" to Eject, it gives me an Error.
The ROM ejects after burning is successful, I take the DVD out and press the button to close it. Won't reopen again. I also have to use a bit of force when using the manual eject. I do not suspect the ROM is jammed/stuck. This is a new desktop, I pressed the button to close it and nothing near it could have caused it to be stuck/jammed.
Another thing is the light on the ROM stays on. No blinking.
So, this isn't a power problem.
It is also detected by Windows7, so I'm sure it's not a data wire problem.

Problem seems to be caused from burning dvd. Doesn't seem to be connection/power problems as power is going through the ROM (non blinking light) and is also detected by the system. This computer is new, I just re-bought this probably 3hours ago of this typing. It's also not the cause of software, since first (ISO Burn) was with Nero and second (movie burn) was with windows software.
The thing I find odd is that the ROM light stays lit, it doesn't blink or turn off. I don't know what this means, but I know the light should be off if not in use.

Can anyone diagnose the problem for me? I would be glad if I didn't have to return the PC. I have googled for solutions or possible diagnoses but no luck. None with lights that stay solid on at least.

Any help is appreciated.
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Re: P6787c-b desktop Brand New, DVD Rom not responding/ejecting after first burn.

Called HP and confirmed it is the ROM's faulty firmware due to the tests that were done and due to the symptoms of the problem. HP will be sending me replacement ROM and we'll go from there.

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