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Computer gets stuck while rebooting

Hello All,

I have HP Pavillion (Sold only in Sweden), AMD 64 3400+, 512mb RAM, WinXP home SP2. Many a times I use Sweepi for my temporary file cleanup and at the end it asks to either shut down or restart and half of the times or I leave computer on for a long time, say whole day or whole night and then try to restart, it shuts down without any hassle but as it restarts fan blows in full speed for a while and then slows down to show windows icon on desktop BUT at unusual/weird/crazy times (approx 10% of the times), this fan keeps blowing and monitor goes in power-save mode. So in short computer doesn't really boot but something happens and this fan keep blowing.

I freak out when I hear this fan blowing as I have already lost my old Fujitsu-Siemes PIII 1GHz, 256mb RAM, WinXP Professional SP2 to the exactly same symptoms. I couldn't figure out till the end what actually went wrong at the end with this Fujitsu-Siemens (FS) desktop but symptoms were exactly same, first time it happened with FS and it died.

When it happened for the first time (and few times later as well), I contacted HP customer support in Sweden but they are so hopeless. They just don't understand the problem. They ask me to restore the system to the previous best configuration. First incident took place just after a week when I had installed the basic programs (Sweepi wasn't installed at that time, I removed it eventually but problem persists) so am I suppose to use this machine without installing anything or what?

I am totally frustrated with this issue now as the only resort to get back to normalcy is unplug the power supply and I am afraid it may damage the system eventually.

Does anyone has/had similar issue, any concrete solution???

Many thanks
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Re: Computer gets stuck while rebooting

I have a Pavilion a1410n and the fan in it is designed to run at different speeds to keep the PC cool but still be as quiet as possible. Mine gets loud and quiet at startup, too. I leave my PC on pretty much all the time. I was unable to verify if the has the same feature.

I wonder about the quality of the electrical power source. Are you using a UPS (battery backup)? Was the Fujitsu-Siemens desktop plugged in to the same electrical outlet? If both computers had the same issues, it may be a good idea to check the outlet for correct voltage.

-Randy C.
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Re: Computer gets stuck while rebooting

Thanks Randy for quick reply but this can't be an issue. This is not the same power plug.

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