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Cannot put floppy disk into floppy drive

Is there a technical manual available for the hp Pavilion 762n? Can't put floppy disk into the floppy drive. The eject button is recessed and will not come back out. Need some kind of guidance on how to replace the floppy drive. Considering buying an external floppy drive.
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Re: Cannot put floppy disk into floppy drive

The buttom for the floopy stays inside untill you insert the floppy. After you insert the floopy, this buttom comes out.
Now, floppy drive is really easy to find out if it's broken. Try a cople of floppys you formated in different computers, if it does not work,then there is a big chance you need to replace it.
If you can't even isert it, then it is probably broken.
You can buy a new floppy drive for no more than $30 and it's really easy to change it. Just make sure you are free of static and touch the case/metal all the time while working with it.

I hope this helps you

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Re: Cannot put floppy disk into floppy drive

Just a dumb possibility. Could you be trying to insert it upside down?

If the drive is bad then it is really easy to replace if you can figure out how to open the box. Usually there are some screws on the back then the left side comes off then the whole front panel will come off tho it may need some force or a screw driver in the right place. The floppy is usually held in place by two screws on the side. There are two cables plugged into the back. The small one with the big wires is the power. It will only go in one way. The other one is the data and it should also be keyed so that it will only go one way. Wouldn't hurt to mark it with a magic marker before you take it out. Once you have it loose it should slide either to the front or the back. Just be careful that you do not unplug any of the other cables while you are playing with it.

Floppy drives are cheap and generic. You can buy a used one at a computer show for about $5.

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