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Bogus "CPU Fan Failed" Error Message

My Pavilion gives the message "CPU Fan Failed - HAVE SYSTEM SERVICED IMMEDEATELY" every time it boots. I must press F2 to complete POST and boot into Windows or DOS. This is a Pavilion 8662c.

The CPU fan seems to be working just fine. . . I can feel the air current at the back of the CPU fan housing (and, yes, I do know the difference between the CPU fan and the power supply fan. . . both are working.)

I'd appreciate any help anyone can offer.

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Re: Bogus "CPU Fan Failed" Error Message

I had the same problem with the Pavilion 8662c and I was able to resolve this issue by flashing the BIOS. The most resent BIOS adds a option to disable "CPU Fan Failure detection" Although this doesn't explain what happened, it does take care of the problem.
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Re: Bogus "CPU Fan Failed" Error Message

I am having something similar. I just changed the video card and now the CPU fan isn't working and I am getting a CPU fan failed error. I can't believe the fan truly has failed since it worked fine all along. Could perhaps setting bios to default be causing this? Anything else to check? As far as I know I have the wires plugged into the motherboard correctly. I cannot find a diagnostic for the fan. {Pavilion 8662c with Windows 98.)
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