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Remote Desktop

HP 9000 ,HP-UX 10.20

How I can connect Remote Desktop to HP-UX 10.20 from Windows XP ?
(Enable Remote Desktop in HP-UX + Sittings)
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Re: Remote Desktop

The Remote Desktop (RDP) technology of Microsoft Windows is *not* compatible with HP-UX. HP-UX uses a different remote GUI technology, called "X Window System" or X11.

The X Window System was created in 1984 and the "standard" protocol version X11 in 1987, while RDP was released with Windows NT4 Terminal Server in 1996.

As HP-UX 10.20 is no longer supported, I won't suggest adding any extra software to your legacy 10.20 systems. It's better to add tools to your Windows XP to allow connecting to X Window System servers.

There are various suitable commercial products, like Reflection/X, Exceed, WinaXe or MicroImages MI/X. Most of these are very easy to use: start the client, type the target host name and authentication information to the connection dialog, and click "Connect".

There are also free alternatives: Cygwin/X and Xming for example.

However, these usually require that you're more familiar with X11 concepts.

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Re: Remote Desktop

There is also VNC where you run the client on your windows or a browser and use the X server on HP-UX.
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