I can't get a combo wireless Keyboard & Mouse to work (4719 Views)
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I can't get a combo wireless Keyboard & Mouse to work

Hi - I bought one of the "Pro Wireless 2.4GHz Optical Mouse Keyboard Combo" units recently & it doesn't work for some reason.

I'm almost positive I set it up correctly. The Mouse took two AAA batteries & the Keyboard took one AA battery.

I disconnected my keyboard & mouse from my computer. On the bottom of the new mouse there is an off & on switch which I put in the "on" position obviously.

I can see the mouse light up red at the bottom of it just like my old one that I had to plug in. So I know it's getting power.

And both my mouse & keyboard are a few feet from my computer...so distance can't be a problem.

I also stuck the little "watchamacallit" thing into a "USB port" I think it's called on my computer. I tried it in a port in the front and back of my computer.

It fit like a glove into these ports so I'm almost sure I have the whole thing set up right.

I also turned off my computer before I made the switch. And when I turn it back on...it comes to a page that has me click "OK" for my settings. But I can't click on it because the wirleless mouse doesn't move the cursor.

It's the 1st time I've ever tried to set one of these up...but it seems pretty straightforward on what to do. So either I'm doing something wrong or the equipment is bad.

It is a cheap brand called "inland"...but I've used other stuff of theirs that seemed to work OK.

I'd appreciate any answers, suggestions, comments, etc.

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Re: I can't get a combo wireless Keyboard & Mouse to work

I'm not familiar with this brand, but if it is anything like my wireless setup, both the keyboard and mouse will have "setup" or "reset" buttons on the bottom of them that will have to be pressed so that the keyboard and mouse will sync with the USB dongle.
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Re: I can't get a combo wireless Keyboard & Mouse to work

If you still have your old mouse, you can leave it plugged in until you get the new one working (the computer will support more than one mouse at the same time).

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Make a great day!

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Re: I can't get a combo wireless Keyboard & Mouse to work

Thanks for the help guys.

I looked all this over again & couldn't find any set/reset buttons....just the off/on switch on the mouse. I took the mouse apart & double-checked that I had the batteries in correctly.

I stuck the "adapter" (I'll call it that, I'm not sure it is the correct word)into one of the 2 USB ports on the front of my computer....& now the mouse worked...I hadn't unplugged my usual mouse so I could see what you meant about both of them working.

So I swiveled around & grabbed the keyboard & was looking it over again & when I swiveled back I noticed that what I had on one of my monitors had changed....& I assumed I inadvertantly hit a button on the wireless keyboard & that was why it changed.

So I figured I'd shut down my computer & then unplug my old keyboard & then turn it on & see if the wireless keyboard worked.

When I hit the button on my computer that should have said "Shutdown"....it said "Updates & Shutdown".....which I figured had to do with the wireless stuff. When I clicked on it.....it said there were 21 updates & not to turn off my computer until they were finished.

So I waited...& when they were done, it did shut down my computer. I turned it back on & the mouse & keyboard were both working.

The only thing I can think of that I did different than before...is that I plugged the adapter into a different USB port.

The two of them on the front look the same to me....but this time I put it in the higher one and "Presto"....it all worked.

P.S. - After getting it to work....I disconnected it & plugged my old mouse & keyboard back in. The new mouse was only 1/2 the size of my old one & I have big hands...so the old one was more comfortable or maybe I was just used to it.

And the keys on the wireless keyboard were set up too close to each other.

But I know that it works & I'll have it as a back-up.

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