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HP Laptop won't boot from CD

I have Omni XE4400 laptop with XP home installed. I want to reinstall XP Pro in order to start fresh - it had a lot of spyware, viruses, etc.

The laptop has one swapable bay and the laptop has both a floppy and CD-Rom drive.

The problem is that the laptop will not boot from the CD - so I can not start the XP install from a boot.

The BIOS is correctly set, and the boot order is CD, Floppy, HD. When I use the floppy it does boot from the floppy first, so I know BIOS is somewhat right.

The laptop does not have DOS installed so a WIN 98 boot disc doesn't help and the HD is NTFS.

I updated the BIOS hoping that would work - and still nothing.

Also i press escape during the starting to select the boot order, and even thougth I re-selected CD-ROM it skips by it.

Any thoughts on re-installing XP PRO on this laptop?

Thanks for your help!!

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Re: HP Laptop won't boot from CD


Check first that the CDROM is bootable by using it in another pc. Then you know wether the issue is with the laptop or with the cdrom itself.

You could use boot diskettes too from www.bootdisk.com

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Re: HP Laptop won't boot from CD

First of all, you post in wrong forum! You need to post it to Windows XP forum instead of.

For your trouble, I think you should check in the BIOS setting.
In some machine, not only setup up in boot order but also setup in other section like: Enable CD-ROM....
Have you tried to boot that CD in another PC?
And finally, why don't you run the setting up progress in current Windows?
Just insert the CD and choose : New installation....

Hoang Chi Cong
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Re: HP Laptop won't boot from CD

I tried 2 actual copies of bootable XP CD's and none boot, so I know it is not the CD.

Also i try to use this boot install floppy
and CD did not work in dos at all .
I try to find any other section to boot the CD, but nothing is there .

Waiting for help!!

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Re: HP Laptop won't boot from CD

Hi Ad2master

Doesn't Omni XE4400 allows you to press F8 during boot to select the media from where you want to boot from?
Also, have you (or do you have the chance) check if your CDROM drive is working ok?
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Re: HP Laptop won't boot from CD

You mentioned xp home was installed. Try this. Reinstall xp home. Then use the xp pro cd to upgrade to xp pro. That should work.

And I agree with the previous poster. If you can get the floppy to read you can load a boot disk with CD support. You DO NOT need DOS to boot from a boot disk. It will load a form of DOS to get you started (usually DR-DOS) George
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Re: HP Laptop won't boot from CD

If you got viruses and spyware, then your machine wasn't protected properly and/or you didn't follow safe practices. If you install same or another OS and don't protect your machine, the same thing will happen again.

Some questions: 1) Is your machine totally beyond help, i.e. does it run at all? 2) Is your machine connected to a router, or directly connects to the Internet by dialup, DSL, or cable modem? 3) is the XP Home with SP2 or not?

Download Avast, a free for home use anti-virus from Adwil Software, and download several free anti-spyware programs: ad-aware se personal, ms antispyware, spybot S&D. If you have to, download them on another machine and write to a CD. If not using a router to the Internet, also download ZoneAlarm from Zonelabs, a free firewall program.

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Re: HP Laptop won't boot from CD

Jorge Pinto Leite,
It allows me to press F12 - F10 (I forget the actions) F2 to log in bios setup & pressing Esc during boot to choose witch boot I would like to start.
CDROM drive is working for 100% under operating system.

George Persico ,
Exactly that what I did,
(Upgrading XP home to XP Pro). And every thing goes nice but a lot of problems start appear during installation (like some missing file or can't install some dll fills) actuation due I press retry and it's continue installing.
The last err. Massage (windows XP can't continue installing press ok to restart your system)
I must press ok... and I lost my old operating system.
I donâ t have any operating system. After that I type my request here

Bernard Levy ,
I.E. was working fine.
The machine not connected to a router. It connects to the Internet by dialup,
Yes XP Home works with SP2 and last Updates.
I used the ad-aware before, And it found about 400!! For that I start to reinstall windows.
But now i dont have any operating system.

Yesterday I send the laptop to technician engineer, Today I called him he says that he donâ t know how to boot from CD (lool) , And he said that he need more time to fix that!!
So I have to wait...
Coz. He has extra CD's and parts also more experience then me.
I will wait for a few days, if he didnâ t fix it. I will get it back.
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Re: HP Laptop won't boot from CD

He used the external USB CD Drive to install windows, And every thing is going fine.

Thanks so much for all your help, I hope you have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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