Win 2008R2 install on BL460c G7 with Emulex CNA NC553i fail : driver issue (771 Views)
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Win 2008R2 install on BL460c G7 with Emulex CNA NC553i fail : driver issue

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Hi all,


I have a BL460c G7 with an Emulex CNA (HP NC553i) with FCoE enabled.

The server is connected to a HP VC FlexFabric 10Gb/24-Port Module.

A Mirrored lun is available for BFS.

The server had been updated with the latest SPP : 201309. For instance, the CNA run firmware :


I boot the server with a WinPE 4.0 (Windows 2012) disk with HP winpe drivers included. This WinPE can access network and storage.


- I can setup  Windows 2012 with an unattended installation without any problem. I specified a directory with the necessary drivers in my unattende.xml file.

- But when I'm trying to install Windows 2008R2 the same way it fails.



- I tried to lauch setup.exe without specifying an unattended.xml file and any drivers : it fails

- So I extracted the files of Windows FCoE Driver for Emulex Based HP FlexFabric 10Gb Converged Network Adapters (American, Intern...2.70.019 x64 - 4 Sep 2012.

In the directory (named : 270019_FCoE_x64_cp018270\drivers files) one can found : 

10/17/2013  09:40 PM            29,797
10/17/2013  09:40 PM            77,824 elxcna.dll
10/17/2013  09:40 PM           690,480 elxcna.sys
10/17/2013  09:40 PM             7,609
10/17/2013  09:40 PM             1,948 elxplus.inf
10/17/2013  09:40 PM            44,552 elxplus.sys
10/17/2013  09:40 PM           878,592 FriendlyName.exe
10/17/2013  09:40 PM                35 lpscsi
10/17/2013  09:40 PM            19,966 oemsetup.inf
10/17/2013  09:40 PM            13,328 txtsetup.oem



Then, at select disk step, I click on "Load driver" and then select this directory.

Windows find a driver : Emulex FCoE HBA - Storport Miniport Driver


Then the install runs until "Completing installation" and then fail with the same message : "Windows installation cannot continue because a required driver could not be installed." I can only click ok.

At the end of  x:\windows\sources\panther\setuperr.log one can read in both cases : 

2013-10-17 21:47:35, Error      [0x0602a9] IBS    CallBack_AddDriverPackageIntoDriverStore:Failed to install the driver package [X:\windows\System32\DriverStore\FileRepository\oemsetup.inf_amd64_54c33d553b5b5cae\oemsetup.inf]. Driver package is [Critical]. Error code is [0x32][gle=0x00000032]
2013-10-17 21:47:35, Error      [0x0602ab] IBS    CallBack_AddDriverPackageIntoDriverStore:An error occurred while installing the driver package [] offline GLE is [0x32][gle=0x00000032]


And in X:\windows\System32\DriverStore\FileRepository\oemsetup.inf_amd64_54c33d553b5b5cae in both cases :

10/31/2012  04:45 AM            30,800
10/31/2012  04:45 AM            77,824 elxcna.dll
10/31/2012  04:45 AM           707,888 elxcna.sys
10/31/2012  04:45 AM            20,560 oemsetup.inf


This is not the HP drivers I specified, but the driver embeded in the  Windows 2008R2 image


So what am I missing ?


Could it be related by the use of a WinPE 4.0 to install a Windows 2008R2 server ?

On a old blade 460c G1, I can install Windows 2008R2 without problems with the same WinPE 4.0, but without the CNA adapters.


Should I remove the Emulex drivers from the Microsoft 2008R2 image and then include the HP ones ? It sounds crazy.


Thank you


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