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Lonlone Lee
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Password Recovery - Windows Server 2003/2008

I have an issue with the local Adminstrator passwords. The servers are not on a domain and all I have is the local Adminsitrator account. The servers are ProLiant DL380 G6's. Has anyone had any success with any Windows Password Recovery Tools and these servers? The tools that I've tried aren't able to recognize the array and therefore can't find the Windows Partition. Any and all help is greatly appreciated.
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Igor Karasik
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Re: Password Recovery - Windows Server 2003/2008

I used Offline NT Password & Registry Editor on Proliant servers - works great

You can find more utilities here:
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Re: Password Recovery - Windows Server 2003/2008

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Re: Password Recovery - Windows Server 2003/2008


Did you find the solution as i am also in the same situation let me know it would be helpful

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Re: Password Recovery - Windows Server 2003/2008

You can download Ophcrack Free Boot CD:

"ophcrack XP LiveCD":

* Windows 2000 (any version, including Server)
* Windows XP (any Service Pack)
* Windows 2003 Server

"ophcrack Vista LiveCD":
* Windows Vista
* Windows 2008 Server
* Any system on which the LMhash has been explicitely disabled

There's an entire FAQ here on how to burn etc etc:

Oh and its FREE and just in case you missed that:

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Re: Password Recovery - Windows Server 2003/2008

This is very boring, but don't think it trouble.
Once I met the same problem.
And my friend recommand me to free download a software to reset password.
Called Password Recovery Bundle
password Password Recovery Bundle is a multifunctional tool to recovery many kinds of password.
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Re: Password Recovery - Windows Server 2003/2008

Here I collect some popular solutions to help reset HP laptop password if your laptop installed Windows system such as Windows 7/Vista/XP.


Solution 1 Reset HP laptop password by another user account with administrator privilege.


If you have another available user account as administrator, you can use this account to reset other user password when you forgot HP password. Take Windows XP for example, follow the steps bellow:

Step 1: Login Windows as administrator, click “control panel” and open “user accounts” to access users list.

Step 2: Click whichever user account which you want to reset its password, select “change the password” or “remove the password”.

Step 3: Type a new password in the “New password box” and type it again to confirm. Input a password hint or not then click “OK” to complete HP password reset.   


Note, there is a hide Administrator account was created in our computer when we install Windows system. You can login with it in safe mode.

Step 1: Press F8 immediately when restart your HP laptop to access safe mode.

Step 2: Refer to the 2,3 step above to reset password of whichever user account.


Solution 2 Reset HP laptop password with Offline Windows Password & Registry Editor.


Offline Windows Password & Registry Editor is a famous software which can be used to reset HP laptop password that installed Windows NT/2000/XP/2003/VIST/WIN7/2008 when you lost HP password, but note that it just can reset Windows local password. If you want to reset domain password, you can use another popular software, Windows Password Rescuer, to reset it on Windows 2008/2003/2000. Get to the point, here are the steps to reset HP password:


Step 1: Download Offline Windows Password & Registry Editor and required software such as CD burning tool or USB burning tool.

Step 2: Burn the Offline Windows Password & Registry Editor ISO file to a blank CD or USB drive.

Step 3: Set your HP laptop to boot from CD or USB drive via BIOS SETUP.

Step 4: After Offline Windows Password & Registry Editor start up successfully, resetting HP laptop password by a few steps in DOS setting.

In consideration of the complex operations of the process which requires the basic knowledge of linux shell and it is also depend on different computer or different Operating System, I recommend computer novice to use solution 3. Or you can google for “Reset Windows password with Offline Windows Password & Registry Editor” to complete HP password reset task.


Solution 3 Reset HP password with professional password recovery tool.


If you do not have another administrator account on HP laptop or you have little experience in Windows or LUNIX operations, you can use Windows Password Rescuer to help reset HP password without lose date. This software was provided by DAOSSOFT corperation, it supports HP laptop password reset in Windows 7/Vista/XP and HP computer installed Windows 7/Vista/XP/2008/2003/2000. About four steps bellow:


Step 1: Download and install Windows Password Rescuer on another available computer.

Step 2: Run the software to burn it to a blank CD or USB. The process of burning is automatically and quickly. This is why so many computer novice choose it to help recover Windows password.

Step 3: Set your HP laptop to boot from CD (burn it to a CD ) or USB drive (burn it to a USB drive) via BIOS SETUP. If you have trouble in this step, please refer to:

How to boot from CD.

How to boot from USB.

Step 4: After the laptop boot from CD or USB, Windows Password Rescuer will display a friend operation window. Then you can reset whichever user password by a few clicks.

You also can use this software to create new admin account without login. With this new user, you can login Windows directly and/or change other user password.


These three solutions were great that can perfectly work in any people’s HP laptop and HP computer. I have also tested each solution myself.


If you are using HP Compaq computer with Windows 2008/2003/2000 as a server, you can use Windows Password Rescuer Advanced edition to reset Windows domain password when you lost HP Compaq password.

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Re: Password Recovery - Windows Server 2003/2008

No matter domain password or local password you forgot, windows login recovery will help you reset windows 2008 password.

Windows Login Recovery Ultimate - The windows 7 password recovery utility enables you fix the Windows 7 password recovery challenge to reset the administrator, standard user and guest passwords instantly without any data losing or file damage on your own as long as you follow the step to step user guides of it. Just by mouse clicking and press keys, can you recover windows  7 password in minutes without any problem.

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Re: Password Recovery - Windows Server 2003/2008

We can't use the common method to recover the Server 2003/2008 password, but we have an easy way, that's use windows password reset tool.


As far as I know, Windows Password Reset Deluxe  can reset both local and domain password, easy and safe.


Everyone who need to recover local or domain password, all can take it into account.


How Windows Password Reset Deluxe works:

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Re: Password Recovery - Windows Server 2003/2008

From the lack of correct answers, I doubt this problem has been resolve, but Lonlone, are you able to confirm if you ever got something to work on a HP DL 380 G6 and if so what tool did you use?


For the others on the trail (and anyone else reading this in the future), the biggest problem with most (if not all) provided "solutions" is that they dont include the required drivers for the array controller in the DL380 G6's... and hence have not provided any usable solution.



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Re: Password Recovery - Windows Server 2003/2008

I think that the real problem is not the Password crack tool, but the drivers to be able to access the smartarray. Depending on the tool you use, you will need to provide the drivers of the array.


Drivers can be found on above link.


Cheers & Good Luck!

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Re: Password Recovery - Windows Server 2003/2008

I can introduce you two sucessful tools to reset Windows Server 2008 password I and my friend tried before:


1. Reset disk. If you have one you can reset with it directly. If you don't have you can download Offline NT Password & Registry Editor from, that it's my friend tried last week.


2. Reset software--Anmosoft Windows Password Reset. No matter you want to reset or change password, or create a new account it also can help you. It is easy and effective and I tried yesterday.

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Re: Password Recovery - Windows Server 2003/2008

That two ways are seem to be excellent. I tried the first way before. That happened in last month, after long time holiday, I didn't remember my Windows Server 2008  password. So I searched the reset tool and found the free tool Offline NT Password & Registry Editor, then I downloaded it and succeeded in creating a reset disk to reset my password.  The second way I only heard of my cousin talked about. He said he use Windows Password Killer Software to unlock his computer with only 3 minutes. So I think that also great.

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Re: Password Recovery - Windows Server 2003/2008

Want to recover Windows Server 2003/2008, I think the best way is reset disk or reset software (Windows Login Recovery is recommended). If you want to know more detailed information ,you can visit:

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