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modem and sound card


I tried to connect pci modem Rockwell on my Compaq Deskpro En series PC without success. Same with SB Aureal Vortex 3D.

Any ideas?


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Hari Kumar
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Re: modem and sound card

hi Krume

wat is the error u r getting while establishing the connection.
send the details of the error code and error description.

With Regards
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Re: modem and sound card

System Win ME, PII 266MHz/128RAM, previously sound onboard, w/o modem

I put above mentioned (PCI) cards in PCI slot on MB, but when configuring after restarting (new device) w/o success. I point appropriate direction toward drivers (previously downloaded and extracted from manufacturer site)but again w/o success.

In BIOS I change onboard sound disabled, again w/o success in installing SB and same situation with modem.
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Michael Dillman
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Re: modem and sound card

In device manager, make sure that the onboard drivers show disabled as well. Right click on Modem and Sound drivers for new card and uninstall, then right click and scan for hardware changes or refresh, let windows try to readd the modem. You might also need updated drivers. If you pulled this card from another compaq, you might be able to find the softpaq for the modem under that model number.
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Larry Straile
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Re: modem and sound card

This problem sounds suspiciously like Windows ME did not install ALL the drivers for this older motherboard.If you recently decided to go from Windows 98 to ME there is a possibility some of the Intel chipset functions are unavailable.
By looking in Device Manager,you should see a lot of entries in System that have the words "Intel " in them.Let's hope there also aren't too many Exclamations or question marks.

You may need to go to Intel's site and download their Chipset Identification Utility to figure out what you should have installed on your system.Failure of Windows to ID and install PCI devices is the biggest clue that you have this Chipset driver problem.
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Andrew Cowan
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Re: modem and sound card

Have you disabled the plug and play OS feature in the BIOS and then run update configuration under the PCI settings? Doing this usually causes Windows to take a fresh look at the devices it thinks that you have installed.
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Ramesh Pakkath
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Re: modem and sound card

What is the model number Compaq DeskPro?
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