Unable to install HP ProtectTools Security Manager Suite (3146 Views)
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Unable to install HP ProtectTools Security Manager Suite


I've recently installed a retail version of Win7 Ultimate 64-bit. When I tried to install the HP ProtectTools Security Manager Suite, the installation for the "ActivClient x64" proceeded without incident.

However, midway through the setup of the "HP ProtectTools Security Manager", the installation failed and the "Roll back action" message appeared. Thereafter, the installation window indicated that "The HP ProtectTools Security Manager Suite Setup Wizard ended prematurely".

Anyone has a clue as to how this can be resolved?
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Re: Unable to install HP ProtectTools Security Manager Suite

I have this problem too.

Any solution to this problem?

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Re: Unable to install HP ProtectTools Security Manager Suite

Bump! I have the same problem on my HP4515s. A deinstallation error wiped out registry keys of the Security manager Protecttools and I have not been able to install the latest version from the HP site. The error is as in the first message of this thread. Installing the version that came on the HP Restore DVD with Windows 7 went through with an error message about a PTJSC.msi package missing. I can't find any that the installation approves of. Currently my installation of Protecttools is a 'host evaluation copy' and 'not signed by HP'. I'm in a fix. Please advise! I don't have Java SecureCard. No fingerprint reader, either. I just need SSO, File Sanitizer and BIOS Setup would be nice, too. My BIOS is at F.0C, which is the highest code, although it's not the newest BIOS update package. Protecttools used to work OK until uninstalling a totally unrelated program with Revo uninstaller took out a lot of keys from the registry that had no relation to the program to be uninstalled.. (As with many SP-files it is left to the user to decide whether a package actually applies to his particular version of the hardware. Not many clues are given. There is definitely room for improvement here, I think, as HP4515s apparently covers a great many hardware versions.) Please HP, help!
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