HP 2840 MFP install with Windows 7, 64 bit OS (2497 Views)
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HP 2840 MFP install with Windows 7, 64 bit OS

I have approx 13 of the 2840 MFP's and we are in the process of completely re-building our computer room which services 6 different companies I own. I just got the first Win 7, 64 bit laptop to tryout the drivers.

If anyone has any suggestions on making the 284 work with Win 7 - 64 bit OS, You will make me a very happy man. I am almost out of toner supplies for all of them and do not intend to buy more without a sollution, I will just buy new printer, probably not MFP's and probably not HP.

I have tried every possible way to get the 2840's working without success and HP seems uninterested in helping in any way; I suppose they believe I will buy new printers and they are correct, though I will buy them after researching other companies and how they support their devices to stay up with new OS's. It does not currently appear that HP will be on the short list.

Any help will be much appreciated.
All the best,
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Re: HP 2840 MFP install with Windows 7, 64 bit OS

I have the same problem and was told by HP support too bad, there is not a fix for this problem you have to buy a new printer.

apparently there is no driver that works for VISTA or WINDOWS 7.

you would think someone at HP would pull thier head out of their rear and either come up with a fix or offer a special purchase deal
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Re: HP 2840 MFP install with Windows 7, 64 bit OS

Humm , not tested the following potential solution but you could try this:

You know that some of Windows 7 x64 versions get a windows xp virtual machine you can download and install.

You could try to install this virtual machine and then install the xp driver for you 2840.

here's the link to download:
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Re: HP 2840 MFP install with Windows 7, 64 bit OS

It seems very clear now that HP does not support what you buy from them for any softwae updates past the date you buy their product on. After researching and buying several models to test I have found KyoceraMita.com makes great printers with reasonably priced toner and continuing support and Fujitsu makes great scanners for home and heavy commercial use with powerful and easy to use software and great support. So HP has made their choices on how they treat customers, all we are left with is to vote with our feet and our wallets! It is the healthyist thing for HP to become a better company, as they used to be. Merry Christmas.
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Re: HP 2840 MFP install with Windows 7, 64 bit OS

HP has no plans to make software for Windows 7 or Vista 64bit. XP and 32Vista have the full software available but nothing else/ HP no longer manufactures the 2840 and do not plan to create software for new OS's. If you find a work around, great, but it won't be from HP they are washing their hands of the 2840. Unless you run XP or Vista 32. Pretty much out of luck if you are upgrading your OS.
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Re: HP 2840 MFP install with Windows 7, 64 bit OS

Just switched to Windows 7 , can get my 2840 to print over the network but cannot scan - one of the major reasons I bought the multi-function printer. I can't beleive HP is stupid enough not to support the 2840 with windows 7 scanning software. I'll have to buy another printer/scanner, but obviously not from HP - how stupid do they think I am?
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Re: HP 2840 MFP install with Windows 7, 64 bit OS


i've the same problem with Vista and Win7 (64-bit). The support of HP - at least for this AIO - is only one desaster...

When i connect the AIO about USB i can scan and print without any problems. But i've buy a network-device!!

When i connect the AIO in my LAN, i can only use the printer (over a 2800-serie driver)...

Have anyone an idea how i can scan over network?

All the best,

ps. sorry, my english isn't very good...
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Re: HP 2840 MFP install with Windows 7, 64 bit OS

Hi all,
there are so many threads on printers issues posted in the "Business Support Forums > Microsoft > Windows 7" forum.
This is understandable as there is a most serious lack of drivers for all kinds of printers, scanners and MFPs under Win7. Everyone making the move to the great new OS has to face this :-( :-(

The situation is not really new as the very same issues appeared with Vista already. Printers, scanner and MFPs have been the major issues in the Vista NewsGroups ever since. That threads pile up in this forum just now does not take wonder: Too many folks jumped over Vista ...

Anyway: It really needs *joint*efforts* to get the problems on the side of HP sorted!!!

IMO asking for solutions for printers and scanners in the Win7 forum is far from the optimum.
IMHO such questions would ways better be placed in the proper forums for the devices, i.e. in the sub-groups of
"Printing and digital imaging"
There is a really good choice of all kinds of series and models of related devices.

My suggestion:
Ask again in the section which best fits your device.
And - furthermore - drop an URL to your (new) thread in here so that we will have "cross-references".

In addition:
HP has tremendously changed policies on forums app. a year ago. Besides the "classical" areas "ITRC" and "Business Support Forums" now there are the new "Customer Products" forums with totally different philosophy, design, features etc.
There's "Printers and All-In-Ones":

AFAICS meanwhile there's much more traffic there than in the "classical" areas.

P.S. When asking in the other forums pls place "" as a "tag" at the beginning of the threads "subject" (as has been usual in NGs forever).
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Re: HP 2840 MFP install with Windows 7, 64 bit OS

I have a 3055 here and does not work with 2003ST, Win Vista 64 and Win 7 64 by network... My client have one HP 2840 and this same problem !! I suppose HP thinks that consumer have ammont of money to burn into a new printers !!
This only harms your brand concept.
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Re: HP 2840 MFP install with Windows 7, 64 bit OS

[ Edited ]

HP is a client of our's and we have a 2840. Our client on the printer side asked Voice of the Customer to get involved and provide a Yes/No answer with regards to future drivers for the 2840.  Even with an inside contact all VOC would say was:


"We are sorry for the inconvenience, but Customer Relations only supports hardware technical issues that require escalation to higher levels of tech support, or Customer Satisfaction issues created by hardware technical problems. We don't support software related matters, and have no escalation paths for such issues."


In other words, we don't support leading edge customers...By the way, Windows 7 isn't approved by HP IT so they are still on XP and Vista which is why they really don't give a **bleep**. It doesn't impact their internal operations.

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