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HP3000 979 & SYMMETRIX

Is anyone using symmetrix & their hp3000. I would like to know how you set it up & how does it work. This is all new to me and they want to implement it here. thanks
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Re: HP3000 979 & SYMMETRIX

Hello Brenda,

The MPE system configuration is relatively simple: use the SYSGEN ID of SYMMETRIX for each logical unit number (LUN, or LDEV), and the path for that LUN.

The binding of the discs into LUNs is more complicated-- unless you can get details from other forum members, I'd suggest you ask EMC for help. HP no longer sells EMC arrays (replaced with the XP256/512-- see http://www.enterprisestorage.hp.com/products/disk_array/index.html for more information).
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Re: HP3000 979 & SYMMETRIX

Hi Brenda,
We have been using EMC products on our 3000's for almost 4 years. Only issue is getting data re-loaded from one disc type to another. Attached is a sample of how we
have configured our EMC disc. This disc is part of a 'RAID-S' configuration. It is currently in a '3700' frame. Please note that you will have to work closely with EMC
to assign the path numbers. Our preferrence was to have 8 discs per channel and use
0-6 , and 8 for the addresses.

Another good source of information is emc@interex.org, both HP and EMC engineers
monitor that list.



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Re: HP3000 979 & SYMMETRIX

Configuration of the Symmetrix is very straightforward as has already been pointed out by others. We recently added 16-9 GB drives to our 3230 and had EMC configure them internally as 2-4.3GB LUN's, each, which gave us 16 additional 4.3 GB drives visible to the system. Ours is a RAID-1 configuration (mirrored), and the Symmetrix maintains the mirror - host software is not required. Within the 3230, we now have 56 mirrored pairs of 4.3 GB drives - about 240 GB of available space.

We also assign no more than 8 drives per FW-SCSI , and no two LUN's on any one physical drive will be addressed on the same I/O channel - for performance reasons.

One of the most attractive and useful features we've discovered is the "phone home" capability of the Symmetrix. If the on-board diagnostics detect a problem, the unit will dial up the EMC global response center and alert an engineer. If necessary, a local CE will be dispatched to attend to the issue. We've experienced two such events since 10/97, and we've not known a problem existed until the CE called to tell us he was on his way. No unplanned downtime as a result -- yet. :-)
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Re: HP3000 979 & SYMMETRIX

Thank you all for responding! I am new to the Symmetrix enviroment so I may have more questions later!
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