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Forced on net.

Hello.  I need an easier way of invoking forced on net across our VCX v9.5.13 estate.  We are running 15 branch offices connected to a seperate regoin and would obviously like to force all traffic that can be routed internally to stay internal.  I have partially solved the issue by using number translations.  Here is how it is working at the moment.  I have added both the external and the 4 digit internal numbers to the "patterns" tab within users/configurations. I have then added a translation for destination numbers within the "number translations" tab in the same tree.  This works fine, forcing any call that has dialled the external number to strip the outgoing digits and leaving the internal 4 digit number, that is then routed via the global directory.  The problem arises when we add other translations on these extension numbers. For instance if I add a translation on the source number for 5669 to show 6770, that translation works, but if a call is made from 5669 it will then not read the translations that are already in place for the destination numbers (forcing them on net). 

 I hope this is clear enough and any guidance would be appreciated.

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Re: Forced on net.

interesting one, maybe the vcx can only do 1 translation and does the more specific one, maybe try and do the other translation on the other VCX..... not on the same VCX...

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Re: Forced on net.

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VCX does indeed only perform one number translation per call (from the number translation in the User section) and it is the most specific translation that is used.. Easy to be caught out here so test after any change.


Don't forget you can also add translations (for destination numbers) to endpoints, or routes (via the endpoint) in the directory section, so it is actually possible to perform 2 translations per outbound call.

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