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Has anyone here installed UFT and used it with SAP TAO successfully?  I've just installed to test that UFT will work and when doing the self check SAP TAO isn't recognizing the _sap_doc in the application area.


Also unable to run simple bpt tests from ALM with UFT

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Re: UFT and TAO

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QTP/UFT does not have support for such utility or its frameworks, just SAP applications (either web or GUI). 

This is what QTP/UFT support for SAP add-in






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Re: UFT and TAO

I guess the Question is more about -


is it possible to install TAO on a System where UFT 11.52 is already installed.


TAO needs the QTP Engine..... and if you install TAO you will get an error message which ask you

Where to hell is this damed QTP Engine  ;-)



so i also would like to ASK --- Is it possible to work with TAO - with a UFT installation - or how is the solution to fix the installation?!






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Re: UFT and TAO

Hi HP UFT experts,


Have someone used UFT 11.50 with SAPTAO If yes, what patches where you installed? The issue with UFT is I cannot open or run properly any single business components created by SAPTAO. Also, I cannot run the components or test in HP ALM 11.52 test lab.


Please advise.




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Re: UFT and TAO

Hi Lowen,


Has your issue been solved? if so how?

We have a similar issue with UFT 11.53 and the same version of SAP TAO ( and ALM 11.52

a Workaround is to open the BP Component (consolidated) in UFT and save it again (do a small change so you can save it). then it can run from ALM.





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Re: UFT and TAO

Did you find a way around this.  Did wonder if reconsolidating your business components would work?

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