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QTP 11 and Citrix

Will QTP 11 recognise Citrix objects running on a Java based Window app running on an ICA Client?

Does QTP 11 need to be installed onto the Citrix Server or can it be installed on the ICA Client machine?

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Re: QTP 11 and Citrix

Please take in consideration that the Citrix Supported version for QTP will depend on the QTP version that you have so please check its proper Product Availability Matrix.


Also please refer the following articles:

Does QuickTest Professional support Citrix


What type of license needs to be used when working in a Citrix environment


What are the minimum requirements for running multiple QTP sessions on Citrix


If you have a different environment or a different Citrix Version it could be causing the problem because QTP is unable to support a different environment that the detailed above and due this fact HP does not support issues with different settings than the mentioned.


In order to be able to record and replay on an application in the Citrix environment, you need to have both QuickTest Professional and the application under testing (AUT) installed on the same machine (usually the server). In addition, for object recognition, QuickTest Professional and the application need to be running within the same Citrix session. In this particular case  QTP is installed in a different session than the Citrix Server due the fact that the Citrix server has to be accessed during recording.


Please let us know if that information answer your question.





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Re: QTP 11 and Citrix



thank you for the information , but iam not able to open those 3 links.

You are not authorized to view this document

is there any way i can open the links.


thank you


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Re: QTP 11 and Citrix

>is there any way I can open the links?


You need to have a valid SSO login to access the articles.

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Re: QTP 11 and Citrix

I followed what was on the forums but I am still having issues with QTP and citrix


QTP and the AUT(power builder app) are installed on the same box on the server. Both of them are published, I am accessing them from a client machine via the citrix agent. QTP does not recognize any of the objects 


Any ideas?

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Re: QTP 11 and Citrix



How is QTP recognizing your AUT exactly?

Does this issue occur only with this AUT and which is the version of PowerBuilder?

What if you start both QTP and AUT with "Run as admin" option?

Also, make sure you have critical patches for QTP installed:





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Re: QTP 11 and Citrix



Only QTP and AUT are published from Citrix. I launch QTP and then the AUT and when I use the Object Spy the hand just moves around as a pointer and nothing is being recorded. 


AUT is based on a Power Builder windows app developed by our company.

I am an Admin on the client box from where I access the citrix agent and also on the AUT


Im guessing the patched should be installed on the server?


Thank you 

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