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Disable Code Caching



We are developing code in notepad++ and running it from uft. However we're having issues with uft caching code. So whenever we make some changes to our code and save it, uft is still using the old cached code. We have to either restart uft or reopen the library in the uft code editor in order to recache it.


Is there any way to stop uft from caching the code, and instead always run the code in the files? Alternatively is there a way to force yft to always recache all code at the start of a run?

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Re: Disable Code Caching

Hello Eric,


   Try LoadFunctionLibrary in order to Load the libraries each time test run.


   At the begining of the test load all the libraries needed by code.

   LoadFunctionLibrary "c:/temp/library1.qfl" 

   LoadFunctionLibrary "c:/temp/library2.qfl" 

   LoadFunctionLibrary "c:/temp/librariesneeded.qfl" 




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Re: Disable Code Caching



Unfortunately this doesn't help when libaries are loaded directly from Quality Center. UFT stores the files somewhere in a temp folder and reloads them from there, when the test is started. If I edit the library outsite of UFT (we're using Test Design Studio) and save it to QC, the file won't be downloaded again and my changes won't be visible until I manually reopen the file in UFT.


Additionally I couldn't debug a library loaded via LoadFunctionLibrary, breakpoints inside this lib were ignored. It only worked if I set a breakpoint before calling LoadFunctionLibrary and used Step-Into feature.

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Re: Disable Code Caching



We're experiencing the same problem. We load some libraries with the LoadFunctionLibrary function. When we change code inside these files with notepad and re-run our tests, UFT runs the cached code instead.

The only way to fix it is to restart UFT.

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