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Sybase Discovery

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I'm trying to run the job Sybase Database Connection by SQL and I'm getting the following error:

SQL: Internal error. Details: Jars library not found for Sybase. Place them under e:\hp\UCMDB\DataFlowProbe\bin\..\runtime\probeManager\discoveryResources\db\sybase

What Jars are they talking about and where can I get them?



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Re: Sybase Discovery

JARs that contain JDBC drivers to make connection to Sybase DB. Ask your Sybase DBA for the drivers, or Sybase Support, or just google them.
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Re: Sybase Discovery

Can you give me the name of the jar file the script is looking for? Or maybe post the files that I'll need?
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Re: Sybase Discovery


Try JCONN2.jar or jconn3.jar.

But I am also facing the same kind of issue. I have got these jar files and also modified the path setting in Discovery Probe properties file as appilog.database.sybase.driver=com.sybase.jdbc2.jdbc.SybDriver

But still I am getting the error com.sybase.jdbc.SybDriver , Class Not Found Exception.

Any Pointers on this.

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Re: Sybase Discovery

Hi Atul,


Did you ever manage to solve this issue?


I found the jConnect driver, but this appears to be using newer versions of jdbc than the Discovery wants.


I have searched the sybase site and have not been able to find these older sybase drivers....




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Re: Sybase Discovery

hi atul i have same problem.


do you find any solution?

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Re: Sybase Discovery

Dear Gcuervo,
I found that the mistake that we use com.sybase.jdbc3.sybdriver class while this is not the correct name
The correct class name that should be include has com.sybase.jdbc<number>.jdbc.sybdriver

so if you are using jconn3 type


If you use jconn4.jar type
com.sybase.jdbc4.jdbc.sybdriver g

this has to be modified in globalSettings.xml in thw following directories

<DataFlowProbe dir>\runtime\probeManager\discoveryResources\db\Sybase
<DataFlowProbe dir>\runtime\probeGateway\discoveryResources\db\Sybase

and modify
<DataFlowProbe dir>\Conf\

Mahmoud Ibrahim
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